Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coat hanger thing

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybudddy here!
I don't know why I always say that before posts. I am the only author anyway, so who else would it be?
Supposedly my computer will be fixed soon. Meanwhile I am yet again using Jokapaka's.
Today's item is quite original: It's a coat hanger! If you've got any coats, you can hang them there.
Looks a lot like a tree to me. Cool item, anyway!
Happy Sleepy Sun...
Nope! Today is Surprise Sunday, one of the Sundays in which I try not to be lazy and actually add an extra to the post!
The extra is a random video with some jammers in my den.
I think I really should stop using Screencast o Matic, it is not very proffesional xD
Any suggestions on video programs?
Now I have to go, because I've got to do an art project for tomorrow and I have quite a bit left :p
I leave you with the featured comment!
You ate AJHQ? 0_0
I still think that den should have been non member, even though it would be very unlikely that they made such an awesome den non member.
I think it should be non member but still cost diamonds. That way it could still be hard to get, but non members could enjoy it too.
So long, jammers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sky Kingdom Den (And salon chair)

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! My computer is not yet fixed so I'm using Jokapaka's. Thanks Jokapaka!
Today's item is the salon chair.
Well, salon waiting room chair. 
I can't do a GIF with the colors because this compuetr doesn't have the right program. I don't like this computer :(
Note: If you are Jokapaka reading this, then I didn't say the above. If you're someone else, I did.
Anyway, I like this item even though it's really human, and I think it could be really useful for all sorts of dens, not only salons.
And now...
I got a Sky Kingdom Den! Here is a tour of it, welcome to Chunky Kingdom!
That statue is amazing.
I like how the paths have different colors.
I might turn it into a spa :D
There are two cool huts.
Sorry about spelling "prizes" wrong, I've had a maths exam in which "prices" with a c appeared so much it's stuck xD
Dancing koala= Purrfect drums player. Do you play any instruments?
Please AJHQ, we need more security. What if someone fell down there? O.o
I couldn't think of what to do in that room. The hammock is a trampoline for jumping :D
Purple now!
Barbacue time!
Yep, that's it. Perfect place for clanning.
It has two towers and three big rooms.
This is the main room.
That phantom is looking at me o.e
Hot cocoa :D
There is a rainbow!
Pretty cool! But dear jammers, please do not try sliding through rainbows in real life.
Plus the leprechaun! Who is a koala too!
I'm really glad to have joined AJ.
Yes, a den with a really BIG slide! (Not those boring short ones)
I like how big the garden is because you can put all sort of things in it.
Yay, enough space at last! 
I don't really know anything about golf, but it looks cool.
Well, or however you spell it. I hope my english teacher doesn't see this xD
Although it would be way better if it costed gems instead of diamonds (and even better if it was non member, but I don't think AJHQ would do that) I think this den is really worth it and if you are a member who has diamond and you haven't bought it, I really recomend it.
Yep, I'm sitting on the piano because I play the piano by sitting on it. 
Have a nice day/night/midday/midnight/lunch or whatever! Just have fun!
P.S: Whoops, now I realise I haven't done featured coment and den ideas. For den ideas you can look at my den (it's open) and tomorrow I'll do 2 featured comments.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mummy Mask

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I haven't been posting becasue of my computer, which seems to go crazy about every six months and I've got to get it fixed.
Now I'm using indio's computer. Thanks indio!
Here is todays item!
Magnificently creepy!
I have always liked this item, it is a classic of the Night of the Phantoms and goes well with the Egyptian items which have been coming out lately xD
Talking about things that have been comming out lately, I think its absolutely pawsome that now members can put 300 items in dens! And the extra inventory space is really handy! 
Well, it would be sooooooooooooooo much more pawsome if non members could put 300 items too. Members arent the only ones who want very detailed dens! Well, some jammers, both members and non members, might prefer simple dens, but you know what I mean. (I think xD)
To celebrate it I have redecorated my Crystal Palace, because now I can put enough items to fill it.
It is open, so feel free to come!
I totally think this is a polar bear. I can't wait for it to come! Seeing as it is unfortunately very unlikely that it will be non member, I suppose I'll just wish it is not in the diamond shop.
With all this, I leave you with the featured comment!
Haha, I hope you remember! As long as I can find and indio and Gominolas are willing to help, I hope we can make more AJ songs! It has been very fun writing Dive into the sea :D
So have a nice Sleepy Sunday (more like study sunday for me, midterm exms are here :C) and don't forget to Jam on! (And comment)
See ya next time indio lends me his computer, and hopefully mine will be fixed soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dive into the Sea

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Gominolas, indio and me finished Dive into the sea, the The Jolly Oyster song! I'm so excited! Well, here it is!

Hope ya all like it! Please comment your opinion, I'm very interested in reading your comments!
Vocals by indio
Music and arrangement by Gominolas
Lyrics by Mister Chunkybuddy

Hiya jammers, MCB here!
Sorry for the lack of posts, midterm is a busy time.
But if I was you I would check out the blog later today, because I'm gonna post the AJ song I've been working on with indio (that wacko tiger who used to post on this blog) and Gominolas, who doesn't play AJ, but that's his nickname.
So look out forma Dive into the sea, the fanmade The Jolly Oyster song!
I wrote the lyrics, indio is gonna sing it and Gominolas made the music and sorted out all the technical and musical stuff that I don't understand xD
Looking forward to post it and see your opinions!