Tuesday, August 30, 2016




Lol I'm so weird XD, So, um (be calm FLORA BE CALMMMM) yeah, so , um , the ehh event, I were waiting for ,um -all year long- eh, IS OUTTT!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO HOME AND MAKE FLORA!! Oh yes, I am now at my mom's office, she is a doctor and her next appointment is in half an hour (a psychiatrist actually- NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST DO NOT COMFUSE PSYCHIATRISTS WITH PSYCHOLOGISTS XD- :D), and I found some time to post, YEAH! The beginning of the CP means the beginning of the GIVEAWAY as well, so, START ENTERING! I will ad the link when I make Flora! Also, I will make a couple of videos, of me making her, me voting her, me advertising her on AJ. I know, I've turned terribly random lately, and I am sorry, but I NEED THAT VICTORY! I'VE BEEN TRYING TO WIN FOR 3 YEARS DX You have no idea how important this is to me!

So, cya in 1 hour, I will update the post then!

Monday, August 29, 2016

RIM, mini-palooza has started and 1 more wristband for the giveaway!

Hiyo mai bananazzzzzzzz!
This is the RIM, which is SUPER WEIRD:

Seriously...Purple blood?? And it is expensive for what it is!!

Anyways, I got a new item for the giveaway, which is...

(drum roll)

So far, we've got...

Rare Wristbands (x2)
Flower Carpet (x1)
Worns (x2)

So far, so good!

And, remember that mini Customerpalooza Kawaii and I were hosting? Well, it's on :P So, PLEASE CHECK WHEN FLORA IS ON SO YOU CAN VOTE FOR HER, AND HELP HER RULE THE WORLD, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!
No jk, I just depend on you because I can vote only once (twice if Mfse -KawaiiOtter- is caught as me XD). I know I've turned into a weird weirdo with all this Cusomerpalooza stuff, but the only thing I managed to win within the last 5 years was a plastic medal on basketball at the camp :P
So, here is the link (yes, you can vote for other customers too, there are 32 of 'em! But plz support Flora when it is her turn :DDDD):http://fliplinestudios.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:KawaiiOtter/Otter%27s_Customerpalooza_2016 (you don't need an account to vote).

Cya !!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Giveaway/Customerpalooza quick reminderzzz


Sooo.. I've started gathering more and more items for the giveaway! Oh, also, I got a ''job'' as a thumbnail maker for DeeryAJ, and I will be paid a wristband every week (well, 3/4 weeks a month, I didn't mind skipping a week).

And, I won't only do a giveaway, I will also do TONZZZ of livestreams!

OOH! Also, I have joined a Customerpalooza on the Flipline Studios Wiki! (lol I know I said it was my other acc. Well, it was mine when we first-hosted the Customerpalooza but now it is owned by Mfse.)If you don't have an account, I believe you can still vote or check what Flora is doing!! Also, KawaiiOtter, the person who is the host of the Customerpalooza, is my BFF but DON'T WORRY, lol, I am not cheating XD. Even if I wnted to, I can't cheat! My victory depends on... DA COMMUNITY!!

So, here is a random cat GIF XD...

And a Futurama GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cya tomorrow!!

ps. On Flipline I am known as CatFun123.

Friday, August 26, 2016

My great animal jam giveaway!

Hey everyone!
Today I have something great to announce (no, not the new item. It is great but it is not what I mean).

I will be hosting a quite big giveaway! I only have 1 prize so far, an orange long wristband. Anyways, now that I have an owl, I will work non-stop to get more for you guys!!

So how this is gonna work:

As you know, I am very thrilled to know that in 5 or 4 days, THE CUSTOMERPALOOZA WILL BE BACK!! YAY!!!! But because I know I won't find many fans in flipverse (No1 likes meh :cri:), I would like to depend on you. Also, I named my character ''Flora'' to remind you of my super hawt koala XD, I would name her Floyd or Fender otherwise. This is the link to my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdypp6ER8IjQazwd4kLSeqQ . I will soon upload a giveaway video, named something like ''My first MEGA GIVEAWAY!!'' . I will give away many items, mostly rare spiked ones (I will probably give away a collar as well). The rules are:

  • You must be subscribed to me.
  • You must like the video.
  • You must give Flora 3 stars (if flipline uses the same method they used last year)
  • This giveaway will end ONLY if I am in the top 32 submissions. 
And, just in case you think I am using you to get votes on a game I like better, I don't. First of all, I like AJ a ZILLION TIMES better than flipline! And I am not using you, I am depending on you guys because I trust you.

Oh! Also, I am hosting a Customerpalooza of my own on the wiki (Not on my main account. Shh.)! I will probably give you the link when it's voting time!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

I iz back :3


Lol now THAT was weird XD

Anyways, I'm back :DDD I will probably tell you about my vacation som other time, but, since there was a HUGE update in the game, I decided to feature it a little!


 Um, yeah. AJHQ, you are allowed to make headfeathers but you are not allowed to make headdresses. Head feathers are Native American- themed too, you know...
 Beezlings, yay!!
 I missed the Phanntom Beacon, but... (notices pets ad)
WHAT.ON.EARTH???? Trading pets?? Seriously??? I'm never gonna trade MY pets, yet I traded some stuff for a purple pet mouse, and my sister traded me a grasshopper she got, but THIS IS SLAVERY!!
When she first saw this, my sister told me: ''AJHQ is releasing a new animal, but the clue they give is very stupid! It is a scratched piece of wood!!''.
I hadn't seen it yet, but I ensured her I could immediately recognize what it shows. She insisted I couldn't, but she was wrong as always XD



 Ok. Goobai arcticfoxiz, my birthday animal :'( I will miss yo..... Oh wait, I have one. And hi rhinoz B)
Yes, yes, yes, have done this, have done that.... whatever.

And here is a random gallery of photos/gifs imma add because I don't want to end this post so early:

My kawaii petz!!
Beautiful art....

oooo yeahhhhh



Ok, that's all for today! Cya!!