Friday, October 8, 2010

Lava Gloves

Lava Gloves are a member leg item and were first released June 2010, and were the first member gifts along with the Dragon, Mummy and Legendary gloves. They are quite common and the teal color is said to be the rarest.

Rare Bows and Arrows

Rare Bows and Arrows are a non member back item and can be won in Sky High. They were first released as a Daily Gift in Jamaalidays 2011. The magnenta one was never released and can be only found in Sky High. These bows are not to be confused with their unrare version from Jamaalidays 2012, which don´t have a rare plaque and come in different colors.

Worn Blankets

Worn blankets are a really sought after back item. They are non member and come in eight different colors, not including the "rare" version. They can be won in sky high and were first released in the 2010 Day of the Phantoms. Before they came out in Sky Hight, brown, blue, red and indigo ones were considered really rare.

Freedom Wings

Freedom Wings are a non member back item. They are rare and can only be found in Sky High. They were first sold in Jamaa´s first ever Freedom Day, in the summer 2011. They are rather sought after and are only abviable in one color.