Saturday, January 28, 2012

AJ new blog!

Whats up, jammers?
Here I am. Did you know Animal Jam HQ has a new blog? Its cool!
So long, jammers.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Interview with pizzadrop, expert jammer!

Sir Sportystar: Hi pizzadrop!
Mister Chunkybuddy: Pizzadrop, I have some  questions for you.
Mister Chunkybuddy: We 3, Sporty, Rocky and me have an AJ site, like you.
Large Rockymaster: Could you tell us cool things you know loads.
Mister Chunkybuddy: For example, tell us about the day I found you and there were 3 or 4 like you.
Large Rockymaster: Impostors?
Mister Chunkybuddy: Pizzadrop, why are there impostors in AJ?
Sir Canyonmoon: Some people are fans.
Sir Sportystar: Why don't you report them?
Sir Canyonmoon: They can have the names they want, but if they do wrong things you can report them.
Master Firstboy: I am the leader of an anti scammer community.
Mister Chunkybuddy: What is exactly scam?
Master Firstboy: Scam is when people take your items in some sort of way, if people ask You to borrow items never do that.
Large Rockymaster: And, do you know anything about AJ guides?
Master Firstboy: ajisawesome is a guide
Master Firstboy: ajiscool is a guide too
Master Firstboy:  Animal Jam HQ use guides to test items and they use them for pictures and videos.
Mister Chunkybuddy: Thanks pizzadrop bye!
Sir Sportystar: Bye!
Large Rockymaster: Bye!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New workers!

Hi, jammers! I am back on the blog, and I am bringing my friends with me!
They are the new Owners! and they will put cheats and codes too!
Hello Jammers! Im Largerockymaster and I will be posting on this blog too.. See ya!!
And I am Sir Sporty Star, most of the time Sporty. If you want to trade whith me, do the buddy search!
So long jammers!
see ya, jammers!
Jam on!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy eagles!

Did you know that some crazy eagles appear when lots of people are jumping on the bridge on coral canyons?
Hint: If you cant see them, go to the game sky high and then leave it, and go quikly to the bridge when everybody is jumping.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Animal Jam HQ´s reply

Do you remember I sent AJ a suggestion 4 no member pets?
This is the reply they gave me:

Hello Fellow Jammer,
It's super wild to hear from you, and might we add, it's great to hear you're enjoying all of your awesome adventures in Jamaa!
Here at Animal Jam HQ, we are always hard at work making sure Jamaa is a fun, exciting, and safe place for all our Jammers. We love listening to your suggestions on how we can make it an even wilder place for all Jammers to enjoy. Thanks for the awesome ideas! Rest assured, we will pass along your feedback.
In the meantime, if you want to stay on top of all the latest news, be sure to check out the Jamaa Journal newspaper which is updated every other week!
Have fun, be safe, and thanks for helping us make Jamaa THE place to be!
Animal Jam HQ
Not much help really.


Like the title says, this is absolutely awesome! Just have a look 4 yourselfs...
Its the strange den I talked about before! The tree changed!
Tell in a comment what you think.

Pest control facts

 Here is an image of upgraded deffenders:
Here is an image of all de space full.
I got an awfull lot of gems.

Strange den!

Today I found an awesome den!
I dont say the username because maybe he doesnt like me to say it, but there are 2 absolutely  Shoking items...
Have a look by yourself... (Click if you cant see properly)
This one is called Tan carpet. The owner says that it was for sale a year ago and that Animal Jam HQ put it accidentaly. The other item is even more cool.
I dont know anything about this one.
Next time I see the owner, I will ask him about the tree, and also about if I can put his username so you can visit his den.
(Who wants to know more about the tree)
P.S. Coment about what you think about this items!

No-member pets, please!

Today I sent a mesage to Animal Jam HQ to ask for no-member pets. This is the mesage:
I think (And some of my friends too) that there should be no member pets. Even if you couldn't customize or wash them, or even if you could only have one and only a determined type.
Mister Chunky buddy.
So if you think the same as me, leave a comment to tell me.
Happy 2012 by the way!