Monday, January 23, 2012

Interview with pizzadrop, expert jammer!

Sir Sportystar: Hi pizzadrop!
Mister Chunkybuddy: Pizzadrop, I have some  questions for you.
Mister Chunkybuddy: We 3, Sporty, Rocky and me have an AJ site, like you.
Large Rockymaster: Could you tell us cool things you know loads.
Mister Chunkybuddy: For example, tell us about the day I found you and there were 3 or 4 like you.
Large Rockymaster: Impostors?
Mister Chunkybuddy: Pizzadrop, why are there impostors in AJ?
Sir Canyonmoon: Some people are fans.
Sir Sportystar: Why don't you report them?
Sir Canyonmoon: They can have the names they want, but if they do wrong things you can report them.
Master Firstboy: I am the leader of an anti scammer community.
Mister Chunkybuddy: What is exactly scam?
Master Firstboy: Scam is when people take your items in some sort of way, if people ask You to borrow items never do that.
Large Rockymaster: And, do you know anything about AJ guides?
Master Firstboy: ajisawesome is a guide
Master Firstboy: ajiscool is a guide too
Master Firstboy:  Animal Jam HQ use guides to test items and they use them for pictures and videos.
Mister Chunkybuddy: Thanks pizzadrop bye!
Sir Sportystar: Bye!
Large Rockymaster: Bye!

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