Monday, January 2, 2012

Strange den!

Today I found an awesome den!
I dont say the username because maybe he doesnt like me to say it, but there are 2 absolutely  Shoking items...
Have a look by yourself... (Click if you cant see properly)
This one is called Tan carpet. The owner says that it was for sale a year ago and that Animal Jam HQ put it accidentaly. The other item is even more cool.
I dont know anything about this one.
Next time I see the owner, I will ask him about the tree, and also about if I can put his username so you can visit his den.
(Who wants to know more about the tree)
P.S. Coment about what you think about this items!


  1. Wow the tan carpet is really cool! (lucky arctic joy)

  2. Great website and i am from the animal jam corperation and i officaly aprove of it.

  3. happen to me i was on a den then it was a land den then she keeps on clicking all the dens then boom the den is mixed up also in became

  4. that brown flooring is actually like the flooring I have maybe that's it but it looks different on that den.

  5. add me on aj my name is kikyosohma

  6. I went to a part in a den once and nearly half the den was blacked out!

  7. that's really strange....

  8. I know about the tree!
    You put 22 of the same item in the same place and then there will be a black box around the object.

  9. Yeah thats the Epic Jamaaliday Tree I think. It is only availiable at Christmas Time.

  10. Can anyone give me an Animal Jam account (member) please? My mom says I can't because she's saving up money for this new car "Ugh".


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