Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A conversation about scam.

Mister Chunkybuddy: When were you scammed?
Crashing Glamwolf: A year ago I had a grey glove and got scammed from it.
Mister Chunkybuddy: I also got scammed for a glove!
Crashing Glamwolf: They said to keep clicking on this thing.
Crashing Glamwolf: And then they sent me a trade request.
Crashing Glamwolf: And I was clicking where the yes was!
Mister Chunkybuddy: I got scammed for a red glove.They said they had a really good rare.
Mister Chunkybuddy: I traded my glove.
Mister Chunkybuddy: And it was a trick. It was not a rare. And I lost my glove.

So always be really carefull! Here are some helpfull things to do to stop scam:

Never let someone borrow your items.
Always think before acepting a trade.
Never trade with Jam-a-Grams.
If someone tries to trade you an unknow item, always investigate that item before accepting.

Hope you found this usefull, and always be alert!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Glitches and more glitches!

Today I was going to play best dressed and some glitches happened:
And a few rounds later:

I hope animal jam HQ mends this glitches soon, because it's quite annoying.

Jam on!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Jamaa Journal and things!

Hi Jammers! Today some new things were realeased. First, a new Jamma Journal:
(Click to see better)
Wow, bunnies are here! Too bad I am not a member. Let´s see the rest:
Atlantic Party! I will post about it when I can go. Duckie Dash. Members are going to have fun.
Yes! Desighn  a den item! I have lots of ideas for that.
Items for pets. But the picture is a bit of a lie, because if you go to Claws and Paws you just see the dog house.
We all knew that. I already made a monkey.
So long, bye.

Monday, April 9, 2012