Thursday, June 21, 2012


As you all know, every 2 weeks on thursdays AJ gets its update. Here is the new Jamaa Journal.
Wow! I think all no-members are really happy. Maybe more member animals will become no-member soon?
Another remembering that you can purchase a new membership card. Click here to purchase a hummingbird package for your account. And a riddle. I personaly think the awnser is chamaleon. Chamaleons are known for being able to change their colour to blend with their environment. 
It would be cool to have them in Jamaa. What do you think the awnser to this riddle is? 
The winner of the pet contest will be announced in the next update! I participated with a gecko. And now there is a new place were you can get a journey book prize.  Its cool and will surely add a summer touch to your den.
Yes, there are new Summer Carnival prizes. And I think I must buy some arcade machines before I run out of time!
The monthly gift is cool. I got the mummy one. Also, more items are getting a rare tag. What I find mysterious is that there doesn´t seem to be any rare items for den. Maybe in a few weeks they will come?
Also, I think the freedom party is coming to Jamaa! Maybe some cool freedom rares will be resold?
Here are some cool freedom decorations that can be found all over Jamaa.
Also, a lot of new ( freedom) plushies can be purchased in the summer carnival.
And lastly, a new party...
...and item.
Cool! You can sit comfortably with your buddies in this 5 place coach.


  1. it's spelled couch

  2. I wish that giraffes would be a non member (lucky arctic joy)

  3. i wish everyone was member then we could change color and buy all the things


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