Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Racoon tail

What´s up? In the Summer Carnival Clothing shop there is a new, apparently tail, item.
Totally FANTASTIC in capital letters! If only it was No-Member... Anyway, it has all these colours.
And by the way, starting tomorrow i will start posting in the mornings. Jam on and enjoy the summer!

Monday, July 30, 2012

RIM for today

Hi! At last, today the RIM is no-member!
I think it is awesome, but my favourite kind of RIM  is when a rare member item is no-member in a new colour. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fridge and Sandy Shells

Hi Today there are 2 new items. Member only... The first one is a really pawsome fridge.
I love this item because it is certainly human but it has an animal look because it is made of wood. The next item is a pair of ocean Sandy Seashels for dens.
I find it kinda cool. It has different colours so here they are.
Also, thanks to everyone for all the nice comments.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kelp tree and seaweed boa

Hi Jammers! First of all, I would like to congatulate the contest winner. Gforbes!
I have already sent the prizes. Look out for the next contest! Well, there are 2 new items, the kelp tree and seaweed  boa.
This kelp tree can be found in Sunken Treasures. I think it is a very cool and original ocean item.
The next one is a Seaweed Boa!
Awesome! But as I repeat on every post, there should be more no member items.
Also, hopefully in this weekend there will be a new desighn.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gold Tiara

Hiya! Today´s new item is a golden tiara.
My complaint no.1: What happens with all this gold?
My complaint no.2: No members also want items!
BTW, please participate in the contest. You do not even have to do them all!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

First AJCC contest!

I have decided to make a contest!
The  prize are the following
Winter Window, Fox Soccer Toy, and Heart chocolates. Not very cool but Still Cool.
You have to find the following. Comment with the room were each object is and your user to participate. (I will change the comment moderation for one day. You have until Saturday.


Giant fox plushie

Hi Jammers! Today´s new item is a cool giant fox plushie in the Conservation museum shop:
I like it I like all fox items. What do you think about this! Please comment! Also, thanks to all the visitors for making most hits ever in a day yesterday: 332. More than double the normal pageviews!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fox topiary, weird message and knight armor

Hiya! Today there are 2 new items. Well actualy there is only 1, the fox topiary was yestarday. Whoops! This is the topiary.
Wow! Spectacular. The AJ gardeners are very talented. Just look at all those awesome topiarys in the Conservation Museum shop. The next item is a clothing item to go with the knight hat. It is the knight armor.
Cool! Its colurs match exactly with the hat´s ones.
Maybe with all these armor things I could make a film. With a castle den. Something... Medieval? Comment if you want me to do it!
Also today I got a strange loading mesage.
Animal type? Strange weird peculiar...

Monday, July 23, 2012

RIM and very curious thing.

What´s up? Todays RIM is...
Uhm... How many weeks since there was a no-member RIM? Also, something extreamly weird has happened!
Ya know, we are towards the end of July! I will try to take a peek when it is on. Maybe it is a glitch? Or mabey it is like the Spooky Party? The Spooky Party was realeased really far away from halloween.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something awesome is happening!

Hey jammers! AJHQ is now giving to no-members the gifts they had from AJHQ like imprisioned phanthoms and member gloves!
So cool!

amir2117 scams!

The tiger above is amir2117 and he probably scams. This is what happened:
I decided to make a trading party. I advertized it in jamaa Township and he came. He said he really wanted my Camil Frog, and that he would trade his wings for it. Good offer, don´t you think? But he said that, to make the trade fun, he would only flash-trade. (Trade and cancel the trade really quickly). If you flash trade, you can easily change the trade and make someone acept a necklace for a rare.
 And I thought it was fishy so I told him to promise he would not ever take me of his buddy list in case he scammed.
But I said `Trade normally or don´t trade´. And... Oh! He took me of the list and ran away. Later I found him in Coral Canyons and asked why he took me off list and he ran away. I got a Jam a Gram that said this:
If you want more scammer alert posts, read amirsaid scams? Part 2. A link to part 1 is in the post.
Be careful Jammers!

Golden Wings

Today there is a new epic clothing item at Epic Wonders! It is the golden wings!
Wow! I don´t know why so many gold. But these are just what I need to complete my outfit. Also, thank you to the 74 jammers who sent me buddy requests, mesages and gifts today!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kite and news crew

Hi. Today a really fun item has arrived to the Carnival. It is a kite.
Nice. I just wish there were more no member things at the Carnival. i know that members have payed, but no members also like cool items. The colour of the kite are the following.
Aso the Daily explorer is going to make a really awesome contest. The News Crew!

Pawsome new NM item!

Hi Jammers! A knight hat has arrived, and it is no member!
Wow! Isn´t that Jamtastic :). This item is know really popular between no members. It will certainly start lots of knights clans. The colours are:
Also, thank you for all the cool coments! Special thanks to asid4, Animal Jam Cheats and Codes star comenter!
There also new fox items.
Ugh no name...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New exiciting update: Foxes are here!

Hi! Today there is an update, so probably the Tuesday one was a mistake. Anyway, there is a new Jamaa Journal:
Yay, Foxes! I am also glad that Summer Carnival items are 50% off. This is a fox:
This are the fox movements:
I love how they play XD. And They are so cute when they sleep.
There is also a badge, a plushie and a toy.

And a new Jam a gram:
And BTW new stamps.
Now the next Jamaa Journal page...
Yes, I already knew about the pet turtle. And the new painting activity is amazing!
The Den Deport is a bit useless. It just sells the ens that you can buy from yours. And there is kind of a glitch with the settings. 
999 days... I only bought a 1 year membership...
I donated 5,000 gems when I got my membership. And what is the point in taking monkeys if they are coming back in less than 6 months?
Totally copied page.
Do. (Same as above).
So that is the Jamaa Journal. Now for the new items.
At the summer carnival there are new plushies. (Not at half price duh)
Bit expensive, but I have always wanted ocean animal´s plushies to exist.
The Jamaa Derby is in the Sol Arcade.
And a cool exciting no-member den item in Jam Mart Furniture.
Awesome! I have always wondered how we recieve our Jam-a-Grams. And the colours are...
Nice! Also an awesome thing has happened. AJHQ has named the horse shaman! She is called Sophia.
I am ever so glad! Jam on! Also, the About me page is going to be updated with the fox.