Friday, August 17, 2012

I am going on vacation

Hello Jammers! Tomorrow I will go away on vacation. So this blog is closed for 2 weeks.
Hope everything is fine while I am away. See ya all in 2 weeks!  In September 1st I will post. 

Tree Stump Chair

Hi! There is a chair to go with yesterday´s table!
So awesomely natural, but member only. Harsh luck. Anyway, the colours are these.
Just like the table. Also, there is someone anonymus posting unapropiate comments in `Jamaa Culture´. I am deleting them all but, whoever it ia, don´t waste time in things like that.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update. 16/08/2012

Hi! Today there is a COOL-COOL-COOL update! First, the Journal...
Incredible den! I have been lately saving gems so maybe I buy it. It looks like this.
Ok, I will definetly have to buy it. So awesome and natural! Now the next page.
Hum, Turtles in the water? Cool. Let´s see the new game.
It´s quite fun.
So close to getting 100 million gems! Donate today! And In the Jammer Central is the August Costume Corner.
How usefull the new settings are! Now I can tell people I know in real 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ruin Walls and a glitch.

Hi! Look what a funny glitch.
Then I went to my den and the dens mixed, but I don´t have screenshots of that. Today´s new item is not very original compared to yesterday´s.
They only changed the way yesterday´s item looked. I don´t like this item as much as the path. They could pretty much have just made a new wallpaper. Also, probably next Friday or Saturday i am going on holliday for 2 weeks. The blog will be closed while I am there.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruin Path

Hi! Today´s new item is a Ruin Path.
Quite useful. You are probably meant to put some together to make a path the lenghth that you want. It may be a little bit human but it´s OK. The only bad thing is that it is member only.
Also, happy post number 100! Play wild!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hi! Today´s Rare Item Monday are Homemade Wings.
If only only only they were Non-member... Anyway, bye!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New items and Plaques

Hi Jammers! Today tere is one new item and yesterday there was one that I didn´t post. Yesterday´s was the turtle pet house, in the Pet Only Shop.
There is a really long story for the reason why I didn´t post it. Anyway, I knew this item was gonna come out. See Pet Only Party! for prove.
Today´s item is a cool Stegosaurous tail to go with the armor.
Cool! It has the same colours as the armor.
And at last, the Plaque Mystery has been resolved! Apparently there are different reasons to get plaques.
Click here to know.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hanging Vines and Crystal Table

Hi! There are 2 new items. Both are quite cool and would just need to be Non-Member to be perfect. The first one is quite natural
Very nice and really not human at all! It will add a wild touch to any member den. The next one is also member, a bit more human but still OK.
It probably goes with the Crystal Chair and Coach. Quite nice. Anyway, that´s all for now!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflower lamp, plaque mystery and what should I do?

Hi jammers! Sorry for the late post. The new item is a quite natural but member den lamp.
Nice. It´s colours only change in the petals.
Also, some people in jamaa have strange plaques. These they are
Credit to Snowyclaw/ AJ Spirit for this one.
This one I found in infinitymagicheroisback´s den.
I also saw another person with it but unfortunatley I just connot remember the user. The item name is apparently AJHQ plaque. Maybe the News Crew winner got a bunch and traded some. I will try to get more information about them.
And last, I am going on vacation for 2 weeks. I have 4 choices.
a) Close the blog for two weeks.
b) Get an author for those two weeks.
c) Do just not very good posts while i am there.
d) Both B and C.
Please help me by commenting with the letter of the option you chose, and include your username. Thanks and bye!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Glitch, Crystal couch and News Crew winner.

Hi! Today a very funny thing happened to me look?
Ha ha isn´t that hiliarous. But I hope they fix it soon. The ew item is an Epic Wonder Crystal couch  that matches with the Crystal Chair.
Good looking but member only and as I said for the chair, it must really not me very comfortable.
Also, congratulations to RainbowRider/Eternal Fierywolf for winning the new crew assigment! 
Jam on!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stegosaurous Armor

What´s up?
First of all, I would like to thank you all because we have just reached 20,000 total pageviews!
 In th Summer Carnival there is a cool new back item, but it is member only.
It is quite expensive, and comes in this different colours.
Enjoy Jamaa!

Monday, August 6, 2012

RIM for today

Hi! Today´s rare item is this.
A bit expensive, and member...

How Cosmo became a shaman.

 I decided to write my first AJ story.

One day, a brown koala was born in an eucalyptus forest very, very far away. His fur was entirely shades of brown, unlike all the grey koalas in his family. During a small period of time, the koala was in his mothers poach. (Koalas are marsupials.) But he wasn´t there for long. He was far too active, full of energy, and cheerful to be still and asleep for 20 hours a day like most koalas do. All the other koalas called him Cosmo because he was always doing something, he stayed awake during the night and his eyes glittered and sparkled like the stars. He loved eating, and because he ended up becoming tired of eating eucalyptus leaves, one day he decided to become a herbalist and discover what other things he could eat. And he found lots of plant with many different utilities. He discovered lots of medicines, teas, insect repelents...
As Cosmo grew up, he became really famous for his encyclopedic knowdlege of of all the plants and herbs. He wrote lots of books about plants and became a teacher. He didn´t show books to his students, but he did love to take them to do a field research. During many years, animals of all kinds from all the different places in the world came to him.
All this was watched by Zios, the Sky Father, and Mira, the Sky Mother. they both agreed that Cosmo had something special. So one day, Zios transformed into a brown koala and came to him. At the time, Cosmo was collecting some flowers to dry and make a perfume, when Zios came to him. ``You are brown!´´ Cosmo said. ``Just like me!´´. ``You have something special, Cosmo. ``Zios said. ``We have been watching you. There´s a spark inside you. Come with me´´. So Cosmo followed him, a bit confused. They reached a clear, sunny place, in the middle of the forest. Cosmo looked at his partner, and suprisingly he had changed! He wasn´t a brown koala anymore, but a golden sun blinding bright. ``You have what we need a shaman to have, Cosmo. This is the magic world of Jamaa. This is called Sarepia Forest, and it will be your land. Make sure to make it enjoyable and educational.´´ Then a big blue bird with a magical look came to them. ``He is Zios, the Sky Father.´´ she said. ``I am Mira, the Sky mother. We created the world of Jamaa, our materpiece. We are picking shamans to make it perfect. Please help us look after it and keep it away from dark forces´´. And Zios and Mira flew away. Cosmo was atonished. He climbed the highest tree and went to sleep.
The next morning he woke up and started remembering all that had happened. He looked at the forest and started to work on it. He made a wooden platform wth slides, staircases and fences. On it he placed games and two huts that would later become the flag shop and Theater Lobby. He even put little lights all over the trees, ad mostly filled his land with all sorts of flowers, herbs and mushrooms. Creating was fun! In the end, Cosmo made a fire pit. He lighted it with some very special plants and you can convoque Mira if you dance next to it.

Did you like it? Please comment!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crystal Chair

Hi! Sorry for the late post, but today there is a kinda cool new item in Epic Wonders.
Probably very uncomfortable. All those pointy things...
Anyway, keep on jamming!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Falling Phantoms arcade machine

Hi Jammers! I am very happy because my favourite game has arrived to the Sol Arcade´s shop!
Cool! I bought it straght away. So you can come to my den if you want to play. BTW, in about a week we will reach 20,000 total pageviews!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Clearance items!

there are some items in clearance. Buy them because they are going to become rare.
Jam on jammers!

Wavy bookshelf

Hi Jammers! Today´s new item is sooo cool! And it is also no member. It is a wavy bookshelf!
So fun! Ans you can  join them to make a big one.
It has lots of colours, but only for the shelf, not for the books.
Bye and enjoy this item!