Monday, August 6, 2012

How Cosmo became a shaman.

 I decided to write my first AJ story.

One day, a brown koala was born in an eucalyptus forest very, very far away. His fur was entirely shades of brown, unlike all the grey koalas in his family. During a small period of time, the koala was in his mothers poach. (Koalas are marsupials.) But he wasn´t there for long. He was far too active, full of energy, and cheerful to be still and asleep for 20 hours a day like most koalas do. All the other koalas called him Cosmo because he was always doing something, he stayed awake during the night and his eyes glittered and sparkled like the stars. He loved eating, and because he ended up becoming tired of eating eucalyptus leaves, one day he decided to become a herbalist and discover what other things he could eat. And he found lots of plant with many different utilities. He discovered lots of medicines, teas, insect repelents...
As Cosmo grew up, he became really famous for his encyclopedic knowdlege of of all the plants and herbs. He wrote lots of books about plants and became a teacher. He didn´t show books to his students, but he did love to take them to do a field research. During many years, animals of all kinds from all the different places in the world came to him.
All this was watched by Zios, the Sky Father, and Mira, the Sky Mother. they both agreed that Cosmo had something special. So one day, Zios transformed into a brown koala and came to him. At the time, Cosmo was collecting some flowers to dry and make a perfume, when Zios came to him. ``You are brown!´´ Cosmo said. ``Just like me!´´. ``You have something special, Cosmo. ``Zios said. ``We have been watching you. There´s a spark inside you. Come with me´´. So Cosmo followed him, a bit confused. They reached a clear, sunny place, in the middle of the forest. Cosmo looked at his partner, and suprisingly he had changed! He wasn´t a brown koala anymore, but a golden sun blinding bright. ``You have what we need a shaman to have, Cosmo. This is the magic world of Jamaa. This is called Sarepia Forest, and it will be your land. Make sure to make it enjoyable and educational.´´ Then a big blue bird with a magical look came to them. ``He is Zios, the Sky Father.´´ she said. ``I am Mira, the Sky mother. We created the world of Jamaa, our materpiece. We are picking shamans to make it perfect. Please help us look after it and keep it away from dark forces´´. And Zios and Mira flew away. Cosmo was atonished. He climbed the highest tree and went to sleep.
The next morning he woke up and started remembering all that had happened. He looked at the forest and started to work on it. He made a wooden platform wth slides, staircases and fences. On it he placed games and two huts that would later become the flag shop and Theater Lobby. He even put little lights all over the trees, ad mostly filled his land with all sorts of flowers, herbs and mushrooms. Creating was fun! In the end, Cosmo made a fire pit. He lighted it with some very special plants and you can convoque Mira if you dance next to it.

Did you like it? Please comment!


  1. i loved it especially that it was a koala because i love them and my koala in aj look exactly like yours does even the name because i think you soooo cool from isabel989 (username)

  2. pretty cool i liked it a lot. some spelling/grammar mistakes but o well i make a lotta those too.


  4. I LOVED THIS STORY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. please publish the coment and read it i would love to reply from your messages

  6. i love cosmo so i am thinking about coming a koala and never ever think about scamming it

  7. Wow so cool someday I want to make a movie about animal jam but that is very far away if I


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