Sunday, August 12, 2012

New items and Plaques

Hi Jammers! Today tere is one new item and yesterday there was one that I didn´t post. Yesterday´s was the turtle pet house, in the Pet Only Shop.
There is a really long story for the reason why I didn´t post it. Anyway, I knew this item was gonna come out. See Pet Only Party! for prove.
Today´s item is a cool Stegosaurous tail to go with the armor.
Cool! It has the same colours as the armor.
And at last, the Plaque Mystery has been resolved! Apparently there are different reasons to get plaques.
Click here to know.


  1. turtle house is soooo cute

  2. my buddy has the tail and he wore it as a fox and he looked soooooo weird but i did not tell him that because it would hurt his feelings. but then another person came along and told him THAT HE LOOKED DUMB. and the turtle house is sooo cute luckly i am a member and can buy it. ps my user is princessjamer please buddy me if i do not respond jam gram me i am on every day


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