Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stegosaurous Armor

What´s up?
First of all, I would like to thank you all because we have just reached 20,000 total pageviews!
 In th Summer Carnival there is a cool new back item, but it is member only.
It is quite expensive, and comes in this different colours.
Enjoy Jamaa!


  1. cool.
    2 bad im not a member :(
    o well.
    also whats ur aj name?
    like not the animals the actual account
    sorry im not very good at finding things ;)

    1. My username is MisterChunkybuddy, just like all my animals. Thanks 4 the comment!

    2. ur welcom

  2. THIS YEAR IN 2013 ITS ONLY 5,000 preety cheap then last time ! add me im doglover91324

  3. well this blog is good bet ppl dont visit my blog D: here is the link http://animaljamwildwolf.blogspot.co.uk/ hope u like it


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