Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update. 16/08/2012

Hi! Today there is a COOL-COOL-COOL update! First, the Journal...
Incredible den! I have been lately saving gems so maybe I buy it. It looks like this.
Ok, I will definetly have to buy it. So awesome and natural! Now the next page.
Hum, Turtles in the water? Cool. Let´s see the new game.
It´s quite fun.
So close to getting 100 million gems! Donate today! And In the Jammer Central is the August Costume Corner.
How usefull the new settings are! Now I can tell people I know in real 


  1. are those all the codes...

  2. I got the new den the first minute then I spoted my den on the epic den list.I was guessing because I was the first one to have it

  3. umm i really can't say butt how do you make wedsites?


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