Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tall Cactus

Hi! Today´s new item is an old resold rare in treetop gardens.
Wow! At least AJHQ resell a cool item! Well, it doesn´t have more colours so bye.


  1. Chunky, believe me, I wouldn't scam you! I know I just randomly tried that trade, because I knew you'd decline. If you HAD accepted, I would have given it straight back. PLEASE believe I didn't scam.

    ~Kinyonga who NEVER scams... :(

    1. I don´t know what to think. It really seems a scam try, and why did you try the trade? I am not very angry with you. How about talking it clearly on animal jam?

    2. Hi! Sorry I had to go just then.... But anyway, I don't scam. I just tried the trade because I was bored... :/ And I wanted to see if you knew about the new item... Well, it's kinda hard to explain! But I PROMISE: I'd NEVER scam you!


    3. Why didn´t you look at the blog if you wanted to see if i knew about the new item?

    4. Kinyonga - who does NOT scamThursday, September 06, 2012

      Didn't think of it! I totally forgot you had a blog! Lol! XD


    5. But seriously, why didn´t you ask me? And why did you try t o see if i knew it with my Cami´s frog and not with another item?

    6. Ok half of those codes don't work so you would wanna get rid of some

  2. Mr. chunky buddy you can have my loppylooly acount if you want to (well you can barrow it not keep it)its password is penguin but you can't change it to a boy.

  3. misterchunkybuddy if you wanna play with me i play at 8 or on weekends i play all day i think


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