Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 skyways and 2 glitches

Hi! Look what a glitch.
Weird, right? 
Another glitch is when you type cu in the chat bar you say see you.
Now I am going to post the township glitch. First, stand here and open a random playercard.
Click on the leaves and open-close quickly a game.
Then when you are in the middle click to stop yourself. Then you are ready to fly around!
The other one is the AJ birthday party one. Start here and open a name tag.
Now click were the red circle is and open-close any game.
You will go across the happy birthday thing. Click to stop yourself and then you are ready to explore!
Have fun!


  1. yay! now i know where to go and click in the party to do the glitch! i already knew the glitch, but i did not know where to go, you see. love your blog! ~Zaza2436~

  2. Love the glitch

  3. how do you get a bow and arrow without trading?


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