Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feathered mask

Hi! Epic Wonders, clothing, member item today.
Venice Carnival like, don´t you think? It looks like a fox but it adapts to any animal face. Its colours are:
I used it for my halloween costume.


  1. I love how you put the different colors of the new item on the blog! Its great for non members to see the colors so they dont get scammed or something. XD

  2. heya mister chunkybuddy can you add me? i am yingtheangel btw lolXD SO i LOVE this epic blog thx alot ! so umm... if you want a safety plaque just ask me. ok so bye thx

  3. oh ya btw add me i am: yingtheangel

  4. oh ya if u can can you send me one for mailtime if u can thx!

  5. can u have them for non members?

  6. I really want a feather mask and will they come back?


    1. I really want a feather mask and will they come back?

    2. my friend wanted it so i trade she say they come every halloween i think she lie :(

  7. I have two wanna trade for one?

  8. I have one,and i will only trade it for another color variation. my user:crystalheart2000

  9. I really want a mask, i want to do a mail time video! If you could help that would be great
    User: Ulra


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