Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halo and Phantom lights

Hi everybody! This is today´s clothing item.
Didn´t this used to be an ocean item? It has the colours:
And the other one is an ocean den item.
Cool, but not many people are going to buy it because not many people have ocean dens. The colours are:
See you in jamaa!


  1. Can I have a Halo? White one? Just asking if ya have it.

  2. i hvae one it's pink tho i want green :( (im tinypanda2208 on animal jam)

  3. Hi Mr. Chuckybuddy! This is Infinity Spiritpride here! I have followed your blog for awhile, although I never wrote a review. Today I will! I think you do a great job on your blog and it is well organized and easy to read. I wanted to ask if you could possibly get meh a headdress that can be rare or not. Not saying you have to get it but it would be nice if you could! Another thing is that in the video your house looks amazing! Someday I hope to be on epic dens, although I have a lot of saving up gems to do! Again if you could get a headdress that would be great and I am (StarClan21) on animal jam!

  4. can i have a pink halo? just asking.

  5. Can someone please send me items I am new and I am kind of poor and got scammed please my user is princesscadance65

  6. oops sorry that was my friends user the user princesscadance65 is my friends my user is princessluna6

  7. If anyone has too colours we can talk about trading cause I have a white one and want more >.< o3o

    1. Im ilovekitens and im to used to non free chat xD I mean two instead of too


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