Friday, October 5, 2012


Hiya! The new item is member and ocean. A tutu.
Well, not much to say about it: The colours are...
Also, dont forget to check AJCC tomorrow for some scammer catch screenshots!


  1. camira2012-
    hehe i am the first to comment!

    P.S sorry i don't have a proflie but i just go by camira2012

  2. Hey ppl who read this blog! This is laho525! Please visit and comment on my blog, everything artwork!
    ( oh yeah thanks to mr chunky buddy for helping me with the blog design and stuff.) anyways, please visit it!!!!

  3. Um, you know that kangaroos are going to come VERY soon to Jamaa
    and i hope i get one!
    P.S. you can put that on ur blog if you want.


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