Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi! A great update has come! This is the jamaa journal:
Wow, the mansion is back!
A reminder about pet tarantulas, and a new party!
Yay, the Phantom Vortrex is back! And pet bats too!
I have to think of a costume QUICKLY. And Doctor Magicstone, whoever you are, that Jam a gram is really epic!
This is my favourite part of the update! These are the best items I have gotten:
Plus there is a new news crew asigment.
The new items are:
And the take one candy bowl.
Enjoy this phantastic update!


  1. Hi Chunky! Just to say I had to go and couldn't finish your den right now, I'll try again later today... Thanks sooo much for the wings!!! :)


  2. best thing i got was a nm sword neck spike founder and more

  3. How old is this section of the blog...?

  4. Hi MCB,(incase your wondering that means MisterChunkybuddy) just wanted to say i absolutly LOVE your blog!!!!!! buddy me im 58spots <3

  5. BTW, i farted XDD

  6. HI I LOVE UR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ BUDDY ME I AM annalf

  7. i got a rare members star cape at the tine i was nm but now it looks awesome with my stars and stripes eagle outfit Quex.

  8. ps i also won a pickle suit that was rare but i recycled it Quex .


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