Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crocus Flowers

Hiya! New plant at Treetop Gardens.
Member Only, of course. Do you want to see how I look right now? -Takes a photo with webcam-

ROAR!!! MisterChunkybuddy is angry! I hope the next item is non member. Anyway, the colours are:
No more?


  1. mr chunky buddy im 1415pie the 1 that won the clover blanket? i told u i hav a cheap koala toy on my trade and said i wanted purple clover blanket and u havent replied to my comments for a few days so i was wondering if ur still paying attention to that

    1. Yes, im still paying atention, but i never find u online.

    2. well im usually on after school maybe 4:00?

  2. Hello Chunky! I'm sorry, I can't finish it today as we're taking my dad to It the airport. It'll be finished tomorrow PROMISE!!



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