Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update and epic glitch!

Look what a cool glitch!

Isn´t it awesome? Well, AJHQ did the update today.
Yes! Totally right! Big cats are awesome and they need help!
So that is what was behind the curtains!
Wow! I put a link thingy about that at the top of the page.
Splash and Dash for all jammers! Yay!
Yes, feast of thanks is cool!
This si what they wrote about Graham:
The first thing Graham noticed about the other Alphas was that they seemed to do everything the hard way. For example, take that time Liza tracked the Spirit Stone of the giraffes to a Phantom cavern sealed by an enormous boulder. By the time Graham got there, Liza had a dozen animals straining to move the stone out of the way, and after hours of effort they’d barely made it budge. Graham shook his head and clucked his tongue. All of that sweat, and nothing to show for it.
Why, it was the simplest thing in the world to build a waterwheel on a nearby stream and set up a system of gears, pulleys, and counterweights that could raise and lower the giant rock with the effortless pull of a lever. Sure, it took a few days to build, and Liza kept asking why they couldn’t just get a few more strong animals to pitch in and move the stone in a matter of minutes. Graham tried to explain that she was missing the point — now they could move the boulder up and down any time they wanted, without breaking a sweat! Liza and the other animals weren’t impressed with Graham’s contraption, and they seemed to forget all about it as soon as the giraffes were freed to return to Jamaa.
Graham still visits the cavern from time to time, though. The boulder-moving machine is great for breaking open stubborn coconuts.

And the only new item is:
Play wild!


  1. -camira2012
    hi it's me again! I know we saw that today in jamaa township and we were all freacking out! plz ones of u's peoples who runs this blog plz friend me!! i'm camira2012 also how to u do the glich? and do u have to have a rhino to do it? thanks again u guys rock!

    1. -camira 2012
      sorry i don't have a profile! :p!

  2. i cant do the glitch i cant find the pattern also i am pokeponylover friend me on animal jam (as long as my list is not full)

  3. D= sad part of the glitch = they only had the pattern on for one day ... AND..!...the pattern ruined my whole day D= ! (well u can only understand it if u where meh .-.) --asid4--

    1. (i meant understand the last part only if u were meh .-.) --asid4--

    2. can you buddy me I am turtlelover5684

    3. on animaljam that's my username

  4. Can you still do the glitch?

  5. I have tried it and no you can't

  6. Dude your blog stinks as helll fuck you

  7. thanks that glitch is awesome by the way I sent a buddy request to u so plz say yes

  8. my username is Awesomedudeemperor and im AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. plz reply plz plz ur awesome


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