Monday, December 31, 2012

Rare Snow Shoes.

Hi! Today´s rare item is Rare Snow shoes.
And AJHQ posted about it.
Happy last day of 2012!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pile of Snowflakes

Hi! First of all, thanks everyone because it is the second day in a row that we get 1,000 views. Yesterday we had 1,071 and the day before 1,043. Keep it up, we are getting close to 100,000! Well, today´s item is another resold rare in addition with the snow colection. The pile of Snowballs!
I suppose they might be usefull to throw at the ice items if they are starting to melt. Also AJHQ posted one day late about the new year 2013 party.
What types of things do you do in new year? In Spain, in 31 December, 12 of the night, we eat 12 grapes just when the new year begans. You have to eat the grapes really quickly and I always have to spit them. Do you do that in USA or in the countries you are in?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year Party 2013

Hi! So this is the new party. It is in a snow fort den.
There are three shops: Clothing.
The colours of the phantom necklace and ballon are:
There is also a music shop with all sorts of music.
And a furniture shop.
Same items as last year, but with 2013.
Next year I will make my colection bigger with 2014. The colours of the banner are:
Have a Jamtastic time!

Ice Prision and new year

Hiya! First of all, thanks everyone because yesterday we got 1,014 views. If we continue like this, soon we will reach 100,000! The new item is a returning ice item.
Cool! What type of things would you cage up in it? Plushies, maybe? Also,  there is a new Party, the new year 2013 party. 
Wow! Can´t wait! So hopefully in 11 minutes I can post about it. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Frozen Torch

Hi! The new item is frozen torch.
Not much to say. It was sold last year  and... How can ice be frozen? Maybe its that type of blue fire that there is sometimes under the frying pan at home? If so, why doesnt the stick melt? And how does the torch keep atached to the thing that holds it to the wall? This item is quite strange.
AJHQ posted this.
Also, thanks everyone for our most views ever in a day yesterday. 853! Jam on and keep visiting, only  20,000 left for 100,000! Probably by easter we will have reached them.

What happened to Liza?

Hi! Ok, I know that practically everyone knows this, but i haven´t posted that Liza´s gone all weird. When you first joined AJ, before, when Liza welcomed you she looked like this:
Now she looks (In my opinion) terrible! Look!
Note: The picture above has been edited with photoshop. The Liza is real, but I added with photoshop what she is saying and I haven´t met her. This post is about how liza changed, but btw, see how easy it is to edit a picture to make it seem something that is not real? 
Well, happy jamming!

Ice Chair

Hi! Sorry for not posting much recently, I spent Christmas with my family. The new item is Ice chair.
I wouldn´t like to sit on it, specially because in AJ I only wear a tail armor. Also, is anyone interested in being an author and posting when I can´t? Sorry for the very short post.
P.S. I am working on a page about scammers.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy 1st birthday!

Hi! Yesterday, 25th December, was the 1st Animal Jam Cheats & Codes Birthday. This blog is now a year old.

Hope you like the picture, it took me ages to make. Play wild!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hi! There is an update. Journal=
The Open sea cam looks like this:
See the circled part? There will soon be a T-shirt of that.
See the pink shirt? Total credit for this picture to geckoguy, Click here to go to his blog.
AJHQ posted this about Sir Gilbert:
They also posted this:
Oh. Before it was plushie mania and now its toy mania. And dear AJHQ, of couse we all knew that     
-in adition to plushies and other amazing items- there are toys. They also posted a new wallpaper.
And about the Daily Gift.
The new items are:
I like this item. in best dressed i always wear it when it says to dress `shiny´. The colours are:
The new den item is a stocking.
We dont use these in Spain, but I´ll put one in my den for Santa to put gifts in.
I bought a yellow one because its my all time favourite colour, but you can get one of these:
The settings have been updated.
Quite useful. And this is the new activities calendar:
Happy Jamaalidays! Enjoy yourselves!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Candy thingys and marshmallow chairs

Hiya! The daily gift is:
Bit ugly in my opinion, but cool. At least its new. The ASHTONISHING new item is:
What! But they were just out a while ago as a daily gift! 
Well, bye!