Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ice Prision and new year

Hiya! First of all, thanks everyone because yesterday we got 1,014 views. If we continue like this, soon we will reach 100,000! The new item is a returning ice item.
Cool! What type of things would you cage up in it? Plushies, maybe? Also,  there is a new Party, the new year 2013 party. 
Wow! Can´t wait! So hopefully in 11 minutes I can post about it. 


  1. misterchunkybuddy,
    in my country,(USA) we don't do that. (or at lest i don't) also i send you a lot of jam-a-grams but you have not responed on one. please do! my user is momoberry161

    1. You don't. I do. You're prolly a Russian. Ya ya I am too. Hehe.

  2. cool i wasnt playing aj in 2013 so i missed it :(


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