Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pile of Snowflakes

Hi! First of all, thanks everyone because it is the second day in a row that we get 1,000 views. Yesterday we had 1,071 and the day before 1,043. Keep it up, we are getting close to 100,000! Well, today´s item is another resold rare in addition with the snow colection. The pile of Snowballs!
I suppose they might be usefull to throw at the ice items if they are starting to melt. Also AJHQ posted one day late about the new year 2013 party.
What types of things do you do in new year? In Spain, in 31 December, 12 of the night, we eat 12 grapes just when the new year begans. You have to eat the grapes really quickly and I always have to spit them. Do you do that in USA or in the countries you are in?


  1. not in the USA sorry

  2. i thought that in temple of zios there is a glitch on the window and door?

  3. hey guys if ure reading this then be me buddy me user is safa96 and dont better hack me if u do you will be blocked from animal jam because my uncle help to make aj so watch out

    1. liar. big ficking asshole. ur stupid dumbass of a dumbassed uncle didnt help make aj and even if he did NO ONE CARES

  4. want'd not esis tise the group and all fose released ingual hapixel to the dragon city no longer have to purchase that dinhero I see more copra try hakear not of CODECOs more afff not serve if tiveren CODECO one for the club turns me procuren it and gabrielzangadoG ae not speak Portuguese engles its ok !!!

  5. so i want free membership but i see NOTHING ON HERE FOR FREE MEBERSHIP
    AND IM NOT ANONYMOUS IM MADDIE FUGE happy to get that off my chest ___________________I____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    so im totaly happy

    -poke- rage face "gigels"

  6. Where I live we buy a cake which has a coin in it and if you find it you're supposed to be lucky, but my sister always flips it to see where the coin is...


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