Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rare Wizard Hat

Hi! Today´s rare hat is the Rare Wizard Hat! Sold at Sarepia forest Hat shop.
Cool! Tomorrow there is an update. Do you want to know what I do on update days? I have ICT at school on thurdays, so if there is an update I go on AJ to see it when the teacher isnt looking. Tomorrow the new Member Gift will be announced. I REALLY hope it is not a pet.
Jam on!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frozen Banner

Hi! Today´s new item is the resold winter icy rare, Frozen Banner.
The colors are:
It is useful to you when I do the colors or do you think I should stop doing it? See ya!

Monday, January 28, 2013

New page

Hi! I made a new page, all about the Journey book. Click this sentence to see it.
Jam On!

RIM and Dinosaurs

Hiya! The RIM for today is a rare cowboy hat, green.
Not many jammers wear green, right? The type of green I most like is the one on this blog. I preffer yellow anyway. What is your favourite colour? 
Also, I supposed many of you have found this picture while looking for Aj pics.
Now look:
Yes, I know the dinosaur in Mt.Shiver is not an Allosaurus, but it is a dinosaur anyway. Could it have anything to do with a dinosaur festivity or quest with AJ? I have looked through all of Jamaa to see if there are any more dinosaurs, but I can´t spot them. Do you know if they are more? Jam on!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Witch Hats and Goal Posts

Hi ! This is the rare hat of the day!
Nice! The colours are:
The other new item is the Member Den Goalpost.
Probably to do with yesterday´s Football. As I am Spanish I don´t play american football and I don´t even know the rules, but I do like `normal´ football. or soccer.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Footballs and Rare Tophats

Hi! Sorry for not posting, fridays are busy for me. But now it´s weekend, and I don´t know about USA but in Spain there isn´t school on Monday, and I have no homework so I will use part of these days off to work on this blog. I will soon update all of my pages, so check back later in the day or tomorrow. And by the way, we are having 1,000 views a day, day after day. Keep it up! :D
Well, sorry if I bored you with that. Today´s new item is a football.
I wouldn´t call that a football. I would call it a handball or a rugby ball. But I am glad its non member. It might help me with the comic strip page. The Rare Hat of the Day is the old Rare Top Hat from the Leap Year party.
You can get yours at the Mt. Shiver Hat Shop. Enjoy Hatapalooza and have fun! Jam on!
P.S. For english homework once we had to make an example of a phrasal verb. What do you think my teacher would have said if I had putten `Jam on´ as an example?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rare Phantom Hat and Golden heart cape

Hi! Today´s items are Rare Phantom Hat
and Golden Royal Cape.
Random Fact: IT IS SNOWING IN SPAIN AT LAST! Lol practically everybody has had snow by now. I can´t take any photos of it because:
a· It is only starting, it hasn´t settled yet.
b· It is very dark and the only camera I have doesn´t have a flashlight.
So perhaps tomorrow I can take pictures! At school we were aloud to go out in the snow instead of staying inside at break time, and we had a really big snowball fight. I made Ainoa18 end quite snowy indeed, and I made a snowball about 50cm tall and wide. 
Sorry If I bored you with these random facts about my life.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi, the RIM for today is a Rare Fancy Top Hat. It is expensive, and member.
Sorry, I have not got much time today. See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rare Jester Hat and Elephant Shoji Screen

Hi!  Yesterday we got our most views ever in a day! 1,659! Keep it up! Two new items today! (Too much exclamation marks?) The Rare Jester Hat, an expensive and member item sold in the Mt Shiver Hat shop.
And the resold Elephant Shoji Screen at Jam Mart Furniture, cool and non member.
The colors or shapes of this item are:
Jam on! I might do a post about rares or a new invented AJ legend later in the day, but I am not promising anything. See ya!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rares: Planet Walls

Hi! So I decided to start making posts about rares. I got the idea from Breathless´s Rarity Scans, so total credit to Jamaa´s writen truth. So I will write about planet walls.
Planet walls are very rare wallpaper and they were sold in beta.
This is how they look in a trade list:
What are planet walls worth:
Before tops came out, they were worth a pink top. In my opinion, some good offers would be:
·A Fish Fountain, a Zios Sculpture and a little rare such as a Camis Frog or Rocking Horse.
·A beta Artic hood if the person trading the planet walls added a Camis Frog or Rocking horse.
·A robot, an RC car and a clothing rare such as Rhino Helmet.
·Red brick walls.
·A Zios, a Mira and a robot.
·A howl plaque, a spike and a cloud.
Please comment with your opinion on what are planet walls worth! And also comment if you have ideas of what items I could do next.

Racoon Hats

The new item is a racoon hat, it is quite cool and probably looks quite good with the summer Carnival Racoon tail. and best of all, it is NON MEMBER!
Doesn´t it remind you quite a lot of Fox Hats? They are quite expensive, but look quite cool, at least in my opinion. So the colours are:
There is quite a craze for them.
So Jam on and have fun with all the Racoon Parties that jammers are hosting at their dens!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The lost temple of Zios

Hi! This is a story about the lost Temple of Zios I invented.

When Graham became an alpha, he was given a land, like the others. He got a nice one, with a river and lots of trees. He wanted it to be a really fun land, and he started making it fun. He decided he should make a Place where the all the wisdom of Jamaa could be, so he made a temple-like building and called it the Chamber of knowdlege.
On the first floor, he put books, herbs, candles, little crafts made by him... He made a trapdoor, and beneath it lie all the secrets of Jamaa´s knowdlege and wisdom. One day somebody will find the key to open it, and find out all the secrets.
The second floor was mainly used for memorials: A Zios Sculpture, spears and armor used in the great phantom war, statues of alphas, Zios´s paw made carpet, a dissectonated phantom and the ancient mysterious tapestry with Mira and the phantoms.
And in the top floor, he put up a shop where he could sell useful items: Statues of the alphas, a great Zios fountain, some chests for jammers to lock up their most appreciated possesions, a wishing well to make dreams come true, an Orb to see the future that only some jammers know how to use, a bronze giraffe statue in honour of Edmund, the giraffe alpha, a magic mirrow to help take decitions, some firefly lamps, a telescope to study space and the phantoms... That shop is also an observatory, from where you can see the stars.
Outside he made a Temple of Trivia game, and a mysterious room in the roots of a great ancient tree. And he also made a statue of himself.

But it didn´t stand there for long. After Zios disappeared, Graham decided to change it by a memorial statue in honor of the Sky Father. But the phantoms broke it and settled inside it, and when you sleep next to it they come out, thinking you are unaware of them, and start spreading chaos and dispair.
So I hope you enjoyed that short story!

Dog Sled and JWT

Hi, first of all, we now have 100,000 views.
MCB 1.000 Pageviews.png
Picture credit to someone who sent me a mail. Unfortunately, I don´t know the username. If you are that person, then please comment with your user to get your prize.
Also, I am now an author of Jamaa´s Writen Truth, owned by Breathless, also known as Goldfishypuppy or xXFreeSpiritXx. So the new item is a cool resold rare: The dog sled.
You can atach puppies, plushies or even jammers to it! Use your imagination and keep on Jamming!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It´s Hatpalooza!

Hi everybody, new exciting update today! Journal:
So hat party? Sounds fun!
Yah, contest and member gifts, blah blah.
Yay! Cosmo is my favourite alpha!
So the hat shops are:
It sells:
The next one is:
This one sells:
And the last one:
That sells:
Wow wow! Top hats! Yay, I have always wanted one :D! Now lets talk about birth stones, another new feature mentioned in the Jamaa Journal. So these are them:
Wasnt that a cool update! Also... 400 views for 100,000! The person who gets the screenshot with the views closest to 100,000 will get a free rare item! So keep viewing!