Monday, January 7, 2013

I learnt to do Overall Den Views!

   Hi Jammers! I learnt to do Overall Den views!

Maybe if you comment I can make you one? But I am not sure if I can do Other dens. Jam on!


  1. awsome den!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG AWSOME DEN!!! ITS EPIC! add me DarkWolf2230 :D

  3. Hi Mister Chunkybuddy, you have an awesome den!! It is so EPIC!! If ya can, can ya do one of my den? (add me im pokeponylover)

  4. Please can you tell me how to do it

    Email me at i swear i wont tell anyone

    1. Its becase i know how to vanishe people in it XD i just don't know how to do the overall's

  5. OH MAI GOODNESS! can you please tell me how to do this?! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! my user is loopy44 if you can do an overall of mine it would be appreciated :) thx!! if you can, email me at for the overall thingy :3

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Will you do an overall view of my den? I will pay you, if necessary.


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