Saturday, January 26, 2013

Footballs and Rare Tophats

Hi! Sorry for not posting, fridays are busy for me. But now it´s weekend, and I don´t know about USA but in Spain there isn´t school on Monday, and I have no homework so I will use part of these days off to work on this blog. I will soon update all of my pages, so check back later in the day or tomorrow. And by the way, we are having 1,000 views a day, day after day. Keep it up! :D
Well, sorry if I bored you with that. Today´s new item is a football.
I wouldn´t call that a football. I would call it a handball or a rugby ball. But I am glad its non member. It might help me with the comic strip page. The Rare Hat of the Day is the old Rare Top Hat from the Leap Year party.
You can get yours at the Mt. Shiver Hat Shop. Enjoy Hatapalooza and have fun! Jam on!
P.S. For english homework once we had to make an example of a phrasal verb. What do you think my teacher would have said if I had putten `Jam on´ as an example?


  1. In the U.S. it's called a football, that's the ball we use when we play football. They probably want kids to be excited about the SuperBowl that is coming up.

  2. Hi MisterChunkyBuddy you added me on aj! One question can you join y blog animal jam Posh? Thanks!

  3. in usa there is school on monday ur sooooooooo lucky and ( im only in 3rd grade but we get weekend homework and we have sience first grade


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