Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Phantom in Ice

Hiya! The new old item is phantom in ice, in Jam Mart Furniture.
Wow! That must be cold! The problem in this item is that it is OK to have phantoms in your den, as long as they are chained, in a cage... But when the ice melts, the phantom will unlock the cages of the imprisioned phantoms and an army of angry phantoms will be waiting for you when you come to your den! So if you really want this item, I have three sugestions:
a· Put under a snow weather cloud.
b·      Put it under a snow machine.
c·    Put it next to a wooden fridge.
So be carefull jammers! If the phantom inside this gets free, it will eat all of your feast tables, fruit bowls and other food items! So beware, because the next thing they will do is probably attacking the smoothie machine! Try to avoid phantoms unless they are properly caged.


  1. Wish it was non member =<


  2. you are bad mr chnky buddy because u are not going to make a chat box

  3. i put a snow cannon in front of the phantom in ice :P so if the ice starts melting i can shoot some snow at it

  4. also add me if you can im pokeponylover

  5. i put the ice phantom neer 20 fire thing and over the lava of the volcano and it only melted to its leg then stopped :(

  6. I am trying to melt it XD I have fire all around it and its at the edge of lava in my volcano den. I love phantoms XD

  7. It has melted so much! Its tentical is about to come out XD


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