Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rare Phantom Hat and Golden heart cape

Hi! Today´s items are Rare Phantom Hat
and Golden Royal Cape.
Random Fact: IT IS SNOWING IN SPAIN AT LAST! Lol practically everybody has had snow by now. I can´t take any photos of it because:
a· It is only starting, it hasn´t settled yet.
b· It is very dark and the only camera I have doesn´t have a flashlight.
So perhaps tomorrow I can take pictures! At school we were aloud to go out in the snow instead of staying inside at break time, and we had a really big snowball fight. I made Ainoa18 end quite snowy indeed, and I made a snowball about 50cm tall and wide. 
Sorry If I bored you with these random facts about my life.


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  2. When it snowed while I were at school (it snowed for about 30 mins unfortunately), lots of snow fell in some trashcans and we had to gather it from there!


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