Friday, January 18, 2013

The lost temple of Zios

Hi! This is a story about the lost Temple of Zios I invented.

When Graham became an alpha, he was given a land, like the others. He got a nice one, with a river and lots of trees. He wanted it to be a really fun land, and he started making it fun. He decided he should make a Place where the all the wisdom of Jamaa could be, so he made a temple-like building and called it the Chamber of knowdlege.
On the first floor, he put books, herbs, candles, little crafts made by him... He made a trapdoor, and beneath it lie all the secrets of Jamaa´s knowdlege and wisdom. One day somebody will find the key to open it, and find out all the secrets.
The second floor was mainly used for memorials: A Zios Sculpture, spears and armor used in the great phantom war, statues of alphas, Zios´s paw made carpet, a dissectonated phantom and the ancient mysterious tapestry with Mira and the phantoms.
And in the top floor, he put up a shop where he could sell useful items: Statues of the alphas, a great Zios fountain, some chests for jammers to lock up their most appreciated possesions, a wishing well to make dreams come true, an Orb to see the future that only some jammers know how to use, a bronze giraffe statue in honour of Edmund, the giraffe alpha, a magic mirrow to help take decitions, some firefly lamps, a telescope to study space and the phantoms... That shop is also an observatory, from where you can see the stars.
Outside he made a Temple of Trivia game, and a mysterious room in the roots of a great ancient tree. And he also made a statue of himself.

But it didn´t stand there for long. After Zios disappeared, Graham decided to change it by a memorial statue in honor of the Sky Father. But the phantoms broke it and settled inside it, and when you sleep next to it they come out, thinking you are unaware of them, and start spreading chaos and dispair.
So I hope you enjoyed that short story!


  1. wow your fanatics are amazing!

  2. I want to find the key and enter the door i always tried to enter it and i wish to see the statue and now i know importance of jamaa thanks to misterchunky buddy!(and i wish my dad make me a page of animal jam like yours my dad do that kind of things thanks misterchunky buddy YOU THE BEST!) By:Alastia
    *And i will make my page like you*

  3. I saw the thing about the necklace and I was all like I have never heard such beutaful story's you rock I love your blog and yes this is lileon613 peace goodnight y'all

  4. I really want to go in all those hidden rooms just sayin'.

  5. i will find the key before every one else i am cutewutty

  6. you spelled despair wrong it is D E S P A I R you spelled it D I S P A I R

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  8. Love the stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You are epic! MCB you r the best ever!��


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