Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hi! There is a new update in Jamaa! A new Jamaa Journal...
Wow! I like this den :). But isn´t it a bit too late? In Spain right now its very sunny. 
The owls are cute, but I prefer member gfts to be clothing or furniture.
Wow! So awesome contest! But Liza´s creepy. Anyway, I entered the contest with lots of different animals.
Yay! Cosmo is my favourite shaman. Well, maybe I should say alpha. But I am keeping my header with the old looks, because I prefer the old graphics.  This is what they wrote about Cosmo.
So Cosmo understaands plants? That´s cool! I dont: Mine die very quickly. Maybe AJHQ shpuld post advice, because I seriously need it. The new item is probably in the new year party. Mira says is in double gems, and there is a new activities calendar.
Also the HQ posted about the contest.
Happy Jamming! Happy 2013! Happy Thursday!


  1. what i dont get is, ur only telling us about AJ, ur not givin' us any workin' codes. PLEASE give us a code of some member thing..................

  2. hi im coolonestothee that my user on animal jam do u want a member account! (it my old member account) send me stuff and who ever wins i will tell the user ans password no scam!!!!!


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