Sunday, January 6, 2013

Upside down plant

Hi, sorry for this really late post and for not posting yesterday. This is the new item.
Credit to Animal Jam Spirit for the picture, as there isnt a party for 5 hours or so... Notice that weird price? I dont like ths item much because someone scammed me with it. When the leap year party oppened, I didn´t notice and I saw this item in someones trade list. I asked where did he get it and he said it was beta, and I totally believed it and I traded my raspberry glove for it. I took over three days to realise I had been scammed, and I don´t remember the user. So the moral of this story is: Carefull when trading for unknown items.


  1. Even though there isnt much to say about this item I want it

  2. I am Wolf5790 BTW

  3. add me im minka200


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