Sunday, February 17, 2013

A story of a Jammer

Hi! I decided to write a poem about the story of a jammer.

A jammer once joined Jamaa,
He looked for fun, so yah.
He wasn´t looking for a rare,
And had no intention to be unfair.
This jammer entered the town,
Not knowing he would soon go down,
He bought some stuff,
A table, a chair and an elf cuff.
But the cuffs came on clearance,
And although he only minded the appearance,
He wanted some fame,
So rares became his aim.
The cuffs stoped being sold,
And the jammer had got hold,
Of a few of them,
And he saw how rares came.
He wore them all the time,
And started thinking he was sublime.
He became delighted
Of with rares being sighted.
But we hadnt had enough,
And became more tough,
He had mean thoughts
His heart started to rot.
One day a hat came out
And he heard a tiger shout
"Hey, what for it?"
The jammer thought about the benefit.
The tiger had not been told
That the rare had been resold
The jammer gave him the hat
In returned for a beta mat
The tiger deleted the jammer,
When he found out he was a scammer.
But the jammer didnt care
He just wanted another rare
The jammer was now obsessed
And some passwords he guessed
He scammed and hacked
Every animal he attacked.
One of his buddys, a seal,
Didn´t think it was a good deal,
"You just want fame"
"You are ruining the game"
The seal had a lot of friends,
And and he offends
When he sees a scam
All he wants is to have fun.
But the jammer didn´t mind
He just opined
That rares were all,
He was starting to fall.
He continued, unaware
Of how important friends were
He traded and traded
And with his rares he paraded.
He just send trade requests
His buddies were less
He asked for things
Rares were his dreams
To this his buddy replied
"My friend, " he cried
"Oh but darn,
why do you want to cause any harm"
And then, like a great beam
he saw what rares had done to him
Now he had realised
He started to appologise.
He said sorry,
now he had no worry,
His friends came with him again
And he could enjoy the game.
He went to the town,
Kept friends number one,
Some rares he kept,
Buddys he started to accept.
So this is the narration,
Of how a jammer got attention,
And at the end
No more rares he yearned.
So remember, friends are first.
All over the place they are dispersed
You just have to find them
And you will enjoy this game.

Did you like that? In case you dont understand, it explains how rares can transform people, and how ou have to put friends over rares and just Jam on. :)
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  1. It's an interesting story! It's cute!
    Mister, I live in Portugal! :D

  2. Dear MisterChunkybuddy,

    Does anything inspire you to make these cool stories?


    1. I normaly write that sort of thing on weekends, because as I post weekly on Breathless' blog, I make them about every week.

    2. I once had a ton of rare item, but then one day I got scammed. I cried because I was so obsessed. But then the next day I went on and my friend dakota10663 said hi to me as soon as I logged in. We talked and I told her about how I got scammed. She told me to just think of them as stealing pixels. And from then on I just laughed when someone scammed me.
      - imatomboy0203

  3. I think I'm your buddy! :DDDDDDD

    If you know abiw2003, then that's me! Your picture looks like your animal..

    When I first met you, you were a koala in the cruise ship party, non-member, though..
    It was last year, when Spooky Parties were still around. I had no idea who you were...

    Nice story!

  4. That is very good it shows how important are friends and you have to keep them in 1rst place and it show how you dont need rares or some scams


  5. OMG, YOU AND YOUR POEM IS AWESOME. You can keep rares, but also FRIENDS. Btw, PLEASE BUDDY ME, thanks!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. soooooo does that mean i should parade around in jamaa township and yell BUDDY ME EVERYBODY?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear mister chunky buddy ,

      may you write a story about me

      thank you

      your secret admirer kiss kiss

  8. Hey Mister Chunkybuddy!!! I just love your blog I come here everyday. Anyway please post some more stuff cause I love reading this blog I read all of it already! And I love this poem and it is true friends first rares later! A good lesson for scammers.

    Your Blog and Animal Jam Lover,
    Princess Arcticstone

    PS Please buddy me my user is princesscadance65

  9. That is a GREAT story it really shows what makes scamming and hacking please buddy me I am tigerfort

  10. Awesome, I luv how you made it rhyme

  11. I used to scam, but I had a change of heart, I PROMISE I have stopped now. But if you still want to report me, my username on AnimalJam is itsabunnysworld or snowflakeshiverpop (I have two accounts.) Thank you if you read this, and, thank you if you don't report me.

  12. how i join :3 sorry i just read dis O3O .

  13. rares changed my life, im collecting them but as i collect them, my soul unbuddies people for no reason

  14. i stop be in a scammer but a am a hacker so i am go in to stop scam in and hack into kaliennnn yes it is is a him and a scammer if you want help me my use are name is elijah00973

  15. I have 4 member accounts but, still, I play as my nm.I could steal everything from them but I prefer spending time with my buddies than stealing (MY OWN???) stuff.


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