Monday, February 11, 2013

Crystal Sands

Hi! This is my invented story about Crystal Sands.

“Okay, Sir Gilbert, so here is your land” Mira said.  Sir Gilbert, the tiger warrior who had recently been named alpha, looked satisfied at the view of a great exotic beach. “You have been given the gift of creation” The heron added. “Decorate it however you want. Good luck” said the goddess as she flew away. “Great” thought the alpha. “A land all for myself, to decorate and make sure it is fun for jammers” He smiled, thinking about some ideas, unaware of how important his land actually was.
So the tiger started thinking about ideas. He decided not to change it much, as the beach, with a volcano in the distance, palm trees, clear waters and wildlife was really marvelous. He added some games, carved some wood to make mysterious fetishes and carved in the cliffs what would be his home, a big carving of his face, with the mouth very open to create the entrance.
Sir Gilbert was happy with his land, but one day, a seal swam right out of the water and told Sir Gilbert: “Hi, my name is Captain Melville and I have an idea for a business. I would like to make a juice hut, and I think your land is quite apt. “That’s a great idea” greeted the warrior “But where is the equipment?” “Oh” said the Captain sadly “I was sailing with a ship with all the equipment I needed across those oceans over there, but unfortunately some spider-like creatures took my ship” “Phantoms” growled Sir Gilbert. “Well, as I have the power of creation, I can create all your things.”
So they became friends and Sir Gilbert created a hut following his friend´s indications. “Here would be a claw machine, here is where I would serve smoothies, were some pillows so jammers can relax with their buddies while drinking smoothies, here some hanging plates to store the food…” dictated Captain Melville. “Not so fast, I can´t create things at that speed” complained Sir Gilbert. “And there” said the seal when the hut was almost finished “an electric ukulele. Sir Gilbert smiled and did it.
So years passed and everyone was happy with the beach, enjoying the nature, swimming, playing in the sands and drinking Smoothies. But one day Liza, the head alpha, who is a panda, came to speak with the owner of Crystal Sands. “You have made an excellent job” she congratulated him. “But Jamaa is changing, and I have some plans to improve your land that you might like.” So Sir Gilbert listened politely while Liza explained him the plans. “Maybe we could make a bridge here” she explained “and a Pet wash there. And some water slides and rope bridges and a mast like a boat´s with a trickle of water.” Sir Gilbert agreed, and they changed it.
But another day, Liza visited him again. “AJHQ just told me they are going to make an aquarium for Tierney Thys, a human scientist. I think Crystal Sands is perfect for it. “Look, it fits if we move the Pet Wash over there.”
So finally, Crystal Sands ended up as the beach that we know and have today.

I hope you enjoyded that short thing. Jam on!


  1. :( i loved the old BEACH! when i joined(i was a beta player) IT WAS EPIC :'( my fav place....
    would like to join Animal jam Src? its a beta/ scammer blog It would be honor if u did Your stories are great and enough to make jammers laugh (i am still laughing) AWESOME STORY! :D

  2. Btw link to SRC BLOG :

  3. I didn't read the whole story but I already like it!

    PS (ManocaT123 I like your website but there are only 2 people comenting, me and Anonymous)

  4. where is sir gilberts home?

  5. I was there when that crystal sands was there I just don't rememeh the volcano LOL! Then it changed and became a different one the one we have now

  6. I wish I had been playing when the old Crystal Sands was there. :( Everyone I talk to says it was better. ~SparkleFootball

  7. jack ass liar and I hate them its so stuipd



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