Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heart Locket and beta player

Hi! The new item is the heart locket.
This itemis really popular. I am glad it is back so everyone can get one. The colors are
And also, today I met a beta player. A non member with member clothes and a pet! Here is a GIF I took.
See ya all in Jamaa!


  1. Hello mister (that sounds funny) you might not know me but i know you i am inviting jammers over jamma to join Animal jam SRC! The anti scammer blog! and also a beta blog would u like to join? the link <
    please got the 'JOIN THE SRC CLUB' page and fill the info and become a author! :) thank you and welcome!

  2. Where do you get the heart locket?

    1. you get it in the jam mart

  3. Pokeponylover here. Speaking of beta players, i found a fox who's name tag AND profile said she was non-member!!!!AND SHE WAS PLAYING AS A FOX!!!!!! It was weird...

  4. i know how to get a non-member fox,you have to be a member at first though.

  5. wait how did he do that how is he wearing member stuff i cant wear the stuff i trade if hes your friend pls ask him how

  6. This type of locket looks really stunning as a sign of love. I love to get in such locket from my Girl friend. Thanks

  7. What is that guy's user? That is sooooo cool!!!


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