Sunday, February 24, 2013

Overall view for Ainoa18

Hi! If you are Ainoa18 looking at this, well here is the overall den view you asked me for!
I know it is  a little bit weird in some places, but I still have to practise overall view making.
If you want an overall view like this of your den, then comment and hopefully in a few days I will post it! Jam on!


  1. Hi MisterChunkybuddy,I just realized my den is locked... I will unlock it so then you can do an overall den view of my den please?

    1. So... when will my overall den view be finished? Just wondering.


  2. Mister chunky buddy if you want it just to be the den i know how to make you invisble and you can only see the den but one problem i don't know how to do overall veiws so if you tell me i can help you alot

  3. I want an overall for my den too plz and plz reply my comment put it and post it i know it will be awesome

  4. Wait a minute! you never done that overall view sir sporty star did!

  5. Plz can you teach me how to do it?

  6. Could you plz do that to my den I am elephantstar

  7. Can you please make me one? I will pay you, if necessary. I am numnum13.


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