Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Kinyonga

Hi. If you are not Kinyonga, you can read this but i dont think you will find it interesting. If you are kinyonga, well, I have a problem with entering your contest.
The only working camera I have is the webcam, because my fathers camera, which I normally use, is at his work. So, is it aloud to enter a photo of a drawing? If so, this is my entry.
Done with the webcam... XP. I did that drawing all by myself, do you like it? :D
And if photographs of srawings are not valid, then I suppose my entry is this picture that I did like a month ago:
His name is Killer and he is my dog. 
Well, thanks for reading.


  1. Ok, thanks! ;D I'll think about what I should do...
    That horse drawing is awesome by the way! ^.^
    (By the way, do you know chocolate160 on AJ?)

    1. :D
      I don´t know Chocolate160 on AJ, but when you asked me on aj i googled him, but I found something about cooking recipes...

  2. hey ur an epic horse drawer! and u hav a cool doggy.

  3. "His name is Killer and he is my dog"


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