Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yes, I know this is an extreamly late post. But there is an update:
AJ is really getting repetitive with the pet gifts, but those fuzzy tigers sure look cute. This is mine:
The next page of the JJ is:
Wow, printable valentines! The perfect card for AJ lovers!
Oh yes, new code! BEMYBUDDY= 500 gems.
Wow, two great new non member features!
Yay, I love these puzzles! Lets do it... 
That took a while, I was almost logged out. Isnt that cute looking!
There are Friendship festival decorations all around Jamaa.
Wow, a new contest! I have no idea who I am going to draw.
There are new items:
Jam on!


  1. Everyone please follow and visit my friends blog thanks

  2. I wonder if the racoons will be for members or non members? I hope non member.


    1. Sadly, it is only members.


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