Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zippypuppy´s adventure

Hi, this is my new story.

Zippypuppy was a puppy that lived in a jammers den. He had the life of a normal puppy. His owner occasionally took him to play Disc Toss and he sometimes had a walk around Jamaa, but most of the time he was in his owner´s den with the other pets, and one day he became tired of being there all the time. “I have great news” he told to Rivernocerous, his fox friend. “I am going to leave this den, because I want and adventure, so bye, I want to explore Jamaa.” Rivernocerous wished him good luck and he left the Acacia pet tree were he always was with all his friends.
It was strange to leave the tree, because he had never explored the den all by himself, only by the side of his owner. It was a castle den, and he skipped through the garden, which had a porch swing, some plants and a swimming pool, and he entered the castle across the entrance bridge. The next room was a normal living room, with couches, and a table with a tea set. The rest of the den was pretty much a normal den. But at the top, he saw and arcade full of game machines. “Wow” he thought “I have never played one of these games that only jammers play. I will try one” After looking at all of them, he chose long shot. He pulled the string and, just when he freed the armadillo to make it shoot, he hopped to his back.
He went through countryside, ice, and even a strange place full of lava. In the end he landed in Jamaa Township, and he started to look around and thought about what to do next. Most of the jammers were too busy chatting, trading and playing games to notice that there was a puppy wandering around all by himself. He decided to have a bath in the river, but it was covered with ice. But after all, skating is also fun, he thought. So he skated across the frozen lake and ended up in the lost temple of Zios. “Now this looks like an interesting place” he thought. He looked down the Zios Pit, and a phantom came out. He got scared and ran away, and ended up in front of the chamber of secrets. “This looks extremely fun” he thought, so he went inside.
He was amazed at all the things that were in there, but didn´t touch anything, as he was intelligent enough to know that you should never play with magic. He looked at everything, and then came out. He went inside Brady Barr´s lab, and he made a potion. He wondered what would happen if he drank it, but he had heard too many jammers tell stories about strange and horrible things that happen to you if you drink a potion without knowing what effect it might have on you. He had even heard that a jammer had discovered a potion that would make everyone who drank it change color every second. “I bet Cosmo knows what all these are for” he thought. But he didn’t want to take any risk with strange potions so he just went out of the lab.
He walked to crystal sands, and decided to have a smoothie. It took him a while to climb on the machine, but he made it and grabbed a glass that was almost as big as him, and started trying to fill it with oranges, the flavor he had picked. But unfortunately an orange landed on him. He couldn’t get up, and he felt lots of other fruits fall on top of him.
He stayed there, very bored and barking, waiting for someone to rescue him. After a while, he heard a jammer say excitedly: “Oh, yay! Fruit salad!”  And for Zippypuppy´s horror, he picked the mountain of fruits up, and just when he was about to eat it, Zippypuppy jumped out. “Oh, what is a puppy doing there?” said the jammer. “Well, it must belong to some random person around here.”
So after that little incident, Zippypuppy was able to continue his adventure. He swam in the clear waters of Crystal Sands, and then went to Coral Canyons. He wasn´t very interested in that land, but he went into Peck´s Art Studio to have a look. He was delighted with the sight of lots of paint and paper. “Wow” he thought. “I am going to be an artist” He had a great time painting. He was only a small puppy and the paints and paper were big, but for a clever puppy like him that was no problem. He brought some paint tubes to next to the paper, and jumped on them until he had a nice, thick layer of paint of many different colors on the paper. He made a mess by trying to spread the pain evenly with his paws, but he managed to end up with a paper with lots of paint with grooves in the shape of a star. Then he noticed he was totally covered in paint. But he used his messy, colorful paws to make another painting, filled with paw prints.    
Then he went into Sarepia forest, had one popcorn and saw some movies. He also drank hot cocoa with marshmallows, Kit Kats and crisps in Mt. Shiver, and splashe din the hot water pool. He played in the mud in Appondale and after all that fun, he went back to his owners den.
“So, how was your day?” asked Rivernocerous curiously. “Great” said Zippypuppy. “It was a complete adventure!” 

Hope you liked that!


  1. I have to say its simply AWESOME!I like when the fruits fall on him and the jammer says "Fruit Salad!!!!" if you imagine it is funny thanks for that story i really like them all


  2. Great story, but I think you should make a sequel AND spell-check more often.

    1. Spell check.... spell check... use spell check ..... spell check will blow ur koala mind.....SPELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK!!!!!!

  3. i wonder what zippy puppy and river looked like. i bet they are really cute and cuddly i would just kiss them and what was the name of the owner. boy or girl. i would love the owner if the owner was a boy and if the owner was a girl i would play with the owner all the time.ya and spell check is a good idea for you mister chunky buddy. no hard feelings.okay. can you spell check the next time you tell a story.can you tell me.please i won't tell anyone mister chunky buddy. but if you want me to tell that's fine i think i should tell you this mister chunky buddy. i am a girl koala so can we go on a date. i think your really nice and cute so if you like tell me on animal jam. sending a jam-a-gram is fine my username is rainbow girl 66298 love you and kisses love, rainbow girl 66298

  4. so that is the reason of pawprints in the art studio

  5. I just love a good story. :)

  6. Hello misterchunkybuddy!

    I was wondering if you could tell me what the potion is that will make you change color every second?


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