Friday, March 29, 2013

Baseball Cleats

Hi! Today we have a WACKY item again.
What has AJHQ got with AMERICAN sports? Almost everything they do is american. They could do items from other countries. Here are some ideas I had:
  1. Paella cooking place! (Paella is a delicious spanish rice)
  2. Egyptian Clothing!
  3. Colisseum (or however its spelt) den!
  4. Indian flying carpets!
So, what other items would you like AJHQ to make? My list would be endless. Now, I am going of topic :p. The colors of the item are:
Now, Jam on and happy Good Friday! I am not a christian but maybe there are some viewing this blog.


  1. Cece3546/MarethyuFriday, March 29, 2013

    A Coliseum den would be really cool.....

  2. i know right they bring some wackey items sometimes

  3. Well, AJ HQ probably doesn't know people from ACROSS THE WORLD play animal jam, because the site was meant only to appeal to people in the USA. But it was spread, and I suppose they're keeping to their USA style :P

  4. america is very very popular. thats why

  5. Or rugby, fish n chips, football, sailing etcetera.

  6. It is because Animal Jam is created and run in America, also most players on Animal Jam are North American (Canadian, American)
    Also, Cleats arent only for Baseball. They are also for Football/Soccer.

  7. It would be great if AJHQ made a world-wide-jam day with a party in the flag shop that jammers could buy civilization-themed clothing and den items.


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