Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baseball Gear

Hi, this is today´s new item.
What has AJHQ gotten with sports? Maybe a sport den will come out soon? I will e-mail AJHQ asking.
I have gmail in spanish XD. When AJHQ reply I will post the answer.
The colors of the new item are:
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  1. MisterChunkybuddy why did you lock your den?
    Was my friend, BlossomCuteghost095, coming in at random times when you're online?

    1. Oh, I just locked it to take some screenshots. Thanks for reminding me, I will unlock it right now.

  2. hey misterchunkybuddy nick10094 here i'm making new aj login i keep getting hacked

    1. Hey, do you have a YouTube account? I think i subscribed it!

  3. yup i saw your youtube channel you got nice videos heres a tip though you can use screen-cast-o-matic to record it free if you have java it's even better


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