Monday, March 18, 2013

LaSalle´s legend part 2

Hi, I finished the second part of LaSalle´s legend. Click here to read part 1.

The raccoon hopelessly moved and waved his paws. He was starting to get breathless. His short live flashed in his mind, all his happy moments with his family, friends and expeditions…
But suddenly he started falling down the vertical waterfall. He took a deep breath with relief. He continued falling down, wondering what would happen when he got to the lower part of the river.  He saw a branch and clanged to it, then to a nearby one, and he continued the process until he was right at bottom of the waterfall.
He looked around. The lower part of the river was much less busy and shallow than the upper part. Around him was some grassland, a forest and some hills, and the river continued for much further away than his eyes could reach. He looked up the waterfall and the sharp rocks around it. Was there a way in which he could get back up? No, he decided. He would have to stay where he was and start a new life.
So he started by digging a burrow and lining the inside with soft liken and leaves so he could sleep. Then he went into the river, swam around, and was impressed by how calm the water was.
The raccoon alpha spent many moons there, until one day he decided it was time to go back up. He carefully climbed some vines, placed his paws carefully as so not to be punctured by the sharp rocks, then he continued until he saw the top. He was immensely happy to see his burrow and all the others, and he saw his family and friends.
“LaSalle!” gasped his old dear friend Stripedpelt. “Were have you been?”
“Well, I had a few problems with crossing the river, but I am fine.”
All the other raccoons came and were delighted to see the young explorer come back, and they all celebrated LaSalle´s return with roasted fishes and fruits.
So LaSalle grew up and explored many areas around the territory. This made his village grow and soon he was admired and known as a great explorer. But one day, he decided that it was time to face his old challenge: The river.
But now he was more mature, so he built a bridge and all the raccoons passed through it happily to camp on the new area.
One day, LaSalle was climbing a nearby mountain to see what was on the top, and he saw a heron. “Wow, herons!” He said enthusiastically. “I didn´t know they where any around here”.
He chatted for a while with the heron and they soon made friends. So the heron revealed: “You are just what I was looking for. My defunct husband, Zios the Sky Father, created a beautiful land, called Jamaa. It is a magical place with some powerful alphas, who are the leaders of the animal types who live there. Recently some of the alphas were out in a quest, and they found a Spirit Stone. Spirit Stones can be used to bring new animals to Jamaa, and they brought raccoons. I was looking for a suitable alpha, and you are the perfect one.”
LaSalle felt proud and immediately agreed to go to Jamaa. So Mira used her magical powers and transported him to Jamaa, where he met the other alphas and had a walk through all the lands. But he noticed a jungle-like valley, and asked Liza: “What is that land?”
“We don´t know” was Liza´s answer. “Well, maybe you, LaSalle, will find out soon!” 


  1. AWESOME! It's quite a brilliant story! Now I want to make shaman stories!

  2. AWESOMEEE! but you made one mistake that most people don't know: mira is married to zios) sorry to piont that out put wow you should be an author! ~add me ~abcqrsabcqrs

  3. hi abcqrsabcqrs again! i meant to say " mira is not married to zios

  4. Mister chunky buddy, add ,me please i am NIGHTWING9090, i also have a buddy named Pokeboy24680 he is my lil bro and his b-day is soon, add him pleeeeeasse
    add me too


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