Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Item: Shark Bitten Surfboard

Hey Jammers! indio posting today.
The new item can be found at sunken treasure, and it seems a shark got a bit hungry and thought it would be a good idea to chomp down an abandoned surfboard parading the beach.

I can´t put the colours because i´m no-member, but never mind.
Jam on!


  1. Hey, misterchunkybuddy i named one of my animals after you because your so AWESOME!!!! ~lawman11

  2. Nick 10094 here i'm getting hacked all the time :P I made a new account so

    1. What is your new username? And if you keep getting hacked then change your password, because if you are getting hacked again and again then its because someone knows your password.

    2. i'm making it today.... its going to be ______ i don't know

    3. also i seem the email of my AJ AKA nick10094 so i'll be jamming i no time!


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