Wednesday, March 20, 2013


First of all, I have something to say: Warning: If you don´t like it when I bore you with stuff about my life then don´t read this, you have been warned :D So tomorrow, I am going on an excursion with my school, and Friday is the first day of easter holidays! So, I have lots of plans for this blog, mostly new AJ legends. Here are some that I might be doing:

  • Alphas off to space.
  • How was Appondale discovered?
  • The oceans and ocean alphas.
  • Artic Wolves, Lions and Snow Leopards.
  • Capitain Melville and the phantoms.
I might have time to do them all, I hope! If you want, you can comment saying which one would you like me to do first.
Now, the new item is:

Oh no gtg!!


  1. The- the porthole was a journey book prize for completing Deep Blue's journey book!!

    1. A REALLY similar porhole, but not that exact one.

    2. I meant to say similar to, but my mind slipped a little.

  2. i got hacked!!!!! ilost everything!!! i going to make new user


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