Thursday, March 28, 2013


                   Click here for egg hunt help.
                   Hi Jammers! The update is here!
Yay! New code! 10MILLION. Lets see what I get.
Wow! I am going to get them with my 37 storage accounts, because I bet they will be quite rare when there are more jammers.
YAY! I love the easter egg hunt! Soon I will post were they are all. This is the prize:
It has an awesome animation that I will post in the Were they are post.
And at last AJHQ make a cool member gift! I am not much of a fan of clothing so I will wait until mine is rare and then trade it for cool furniture.
Prepare to get gemmed.
Yay, Cosmo wants to discover a new land! Good thing I can keep my main animal.
Nice contest!
WOW, this is like, my favourite update since a long time ago.
This is the activities calendar.
And there is one WACKY new item.
Just the kind of item that should be non member. The colors are:
And there are 2 clearance items:
Happy Jamming, I will do the Eggs post now!


  1. If a egg turns purple a phantom pops out!

    1. hi can someone tell me were they are? please!

    2. well i sorta dont know but i can give you a code if you want?

    3. well sure ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. was that yr den


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