Friday, April 12, 2013

Den Ideas

Hi, here is a post with some ideas for your den, some for members and some for non members. Lets start with non members.
Idea #1: Gecko Throne
For all gecko lovers out there, this is a perfect seat! This is how you make it, in case someone doesn´t figure out how:
So enjoy being the Gecko King/Queen!
Idea #2: Bed
Yes, lots of people make non member beds with pillows and sofas, but their beds have a big, big mistake: They don´t have legs. So, if you put that kind of bed in your den, your bed will be in contact with all the who-knows-what on the floor. (After all, do you ever wash your den´s floor? AJHQ should make a vacuum cleaner item) So, to prevent this, you need a bed with legs to keep your sleeping place clean and away from the dirty floor. This is how to make this bed:
So, have nice dreams! Good night!
Idea #3: Toilet
It is incredible what large amount of Jammers forget about a thing as basic as a toilet in their dens. AJHQ has  not made a toilet item yet, and anyway it would smell badly, so a dinner stool with a hole or something like that can be handy, but don´t put it just there, use some Shoji screens to prevent the horrible smell from getting into the rest of the den.
Idea#4: Cute pet.
Ever wanted a non member pet? A plushie is just perfect, I think foxes work best because of their cuteness and cat-likeness, but just put a bowl and any plushie can become a cute pet.
Idea#5: A den layout.
Here is a random non member den desighn that might be usefull for inspiration and that uses the ideas above:
Click for full size. Also, I know that I haven´t done most of the garden, but unfortunately I am a trully horrible garden desighner, and I am out of ideas. Maybe there is someone out there who wants to share garden ideas in a coment? :D                                                                                                          
Well, now for some member ideas:
Idea #6: Spa!
If you have a mushroom hut, a water park, or a fantasy castle, you can turn one of the places with water into a pawsome spa! Just put a TV for best enjoyment, an umbrella if its sunny, a floating table with some food (sledges make great ones) and a towel to get dry when you come out. Oh, and don´t forget the toy ducky :D
Idea #7: Monument!
I built this monument to wish good luck to Cosmo and the koalas who are exploring, but you can make one for any alpha. The Zios sculpture is optional, but if you have one, it is better to put it so Zios the Sky Father protects that alpha and animal type. for a Jamaasian then you can make one for every alpha!
Idea #8: Garden!
If you have a Bar Den and you are annoyed because the garden has no grass, then just fill the patio with clover patches and put plants, topiaries, torches, fountains, rainbows, trees and practically any garden-ey item!
So, I hoped you liked that and got some ideas, if you have an idea that you think is cool, comment with it or email a picture to!
Have fun making your den epic!


  1. Great tips! Obviously,I like the Gecko throne. ;) I kinda have a Gecko throne in my den...

  2. Awesome! I love the bed idea!

  3. That monument is pretty cool!!!!

  4. I have a few den ideas...
    If you want, i could share a few with you, mister...

    1. Hey, Mister, I just had a den idea that I put in my Treehouse den.
      I made a bunk bed! using the bed idea that you used, then putting another couch(bed) on top of it, then ta-daa! A bunk bed!

    2. hello my name on aj is cottonsbunnys and also i jjust got membership question though where do you get a bow

    3. if you have a bunny remember if you get a chick with the bunny its like having two pets! now how cool is that on aj im cottonsbunnys XD

    4. aj photos should so not be 50 gems its me cottonsbunnys!

  5. I have an idea too! Message me if you want to know! ^^


  6. You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation however
    I find this topic to be actually something which I believe I'd never understand. It kind of feels too complex and very wide for me. I am looking forward on your subsequent post, I will try to get the hang of it!

    Here is my web blog: coupons

  7. I have an idea. You could make a Cat Throne using the Cat Banner, A tiger plushie, a blue pillow, and a black armchair. You can see it in my den (my odd user is AJpaleggs x3)

  8. Hi! I just made my bathroom and it looks pretty cool. Please have a look! Koala74823

  9. MisterChunkybuddy, how did you take a full picture of a den? Also, accoding to me, my friend's den is also vey inspiring. Her name is Katrock1234.


  10. Replies
    1. me? , cattcatt? Oh mister chunkeybuddy

    2. that was dumb of me


  11. I have some ideas so when u email me back cause i sent u a email then ask me about them and i will tell u some but SOME are PRIAVTE and just for me.

  12. OMG!! I forgot about the toilet and bed thingy.......

    I also have an den idea, for all clan fans why don't you make your own clan in your own den? It's for non members and members! put trees in a semi circle shape and 2 tables joined together and put a fruit bowel or whatever thing you want on the joined table and pillows or sofas for the seats around the table adding a seahorse fountain somewhere, and an additional piece a banana tree XD

    You have see what I mean at my den, XxpurplstarxX .

  13. den idea! FOR ALL JAMMERZ!Anyway,collect pets [or plushies!] + put them in a AWSOME shape!!! like , have it say AJ [Animal Jam] animals will beg 2 friend u !!!!!!!!

    - cattcatt im a jammer k.i.t

  14. ps my u-name + p-word r cat09cg +............ [ha]

    - cattcatt

  15. mythicalspiritwolf1Friday, August 09, 2013

    i have an idea
    first put a mud land and then put 4 stone carved chairs on it then a bird feeder and bamboo plant at corner .to see that go to my den i am a koala and my username is mythicalspiritwolf1

    1. mythicalspiritwolf1Monday, August 12, 2013

      and a windmill too

  16. Dear Mister Chunkybudy,
    I am a pretty good garden designer :) If you want some ideas, jamagrm me on AJ. My username is guineapig4, and hope to see you reply soon. Thank you!


  17. Hi, I'm TanjaBug on animal jam. I think the bed idea is good, and the throne! Bud me :)

  18. I have a den idea and its no member a library all u need is to spam the place with wavy bookshelfs and books and TADA library

  19. lolz I really need ppl to join my clan (thunder and arctic wolves only) so if you can please jam a gram me and ask to join! username is bonycat

  20. HAI it's me again, bonycat, and I want to say I have an idea for a kind of store.... SPORTS STORE! just buy all sports things u can and put 'em up- VOILA! INSTA EPIC STORE

  21. You should do how to make a pillow fort! ;)

  22. How do you get that picture of your den where you can see the whole intire den???? I have been trying to figure it out for so long! :O

  23. Thx I love the spa idea for members I will definitely use the ideas thx��

  24. I love the toilet idea it is hilarious

  25. Hi I`ve got a great idea for a garden hangout, use any 2 trees (I advise you use the ones from spring festival) then put a comfy chair in between the to trees ( kinda close together)

    I hope you guys enjoy and use my idea,

  26. my name is jayjam1209 I agree with anonymous about the toilet its super funny ant entertaining this my point but i'm in the fourth grade

  27. idea 7 is so funny I am the ruler of this kingdom and the gard of this so na na ah nah nah

  28. Woah.Nice tips! Very clever! ^_^

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