Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hood with Feather & Mini contest

Hi Jammers! Sorry about the late post, I have been editing the blog template, because:
1· I think it was too dark, therefore hard to read.
2· The old one was too sad and gloomy :C.
3· I didn´t like the old font.
4. Jamaa Township is a more popular land than The Temple of Zios.
5· Yellow´s my favourite color! XD
So, I aded a poll just below the "Blog Owner" gadget so you can let me know what you think, please vote!
Now, on to the new item, that everyone says (including me) that reminds of Robin Hood:
It only needs two things to be perfect: You guessed it, it should be cheaper and non member. The colors are:

 And, if you are one of the normal persons in the world that read the title (its unbelieveable how some persons don´t read the title of whatever they are reading) then you might wonder what mini contest I mentioned in the title. So, we are really close to 200,000 views. The jammer who sends me an email with a screenshot of 200,000 views (if no one gets it exact, then the closest is OK) will get this as a prize:
Sorry its not great, but better than nothing. Lastly, look what a cool Sidekix penguin plushie I saw.
In case someone out there would like to check it out, it is in lawman11´s den. So have jamtasticly jamtastic day! (Ha ha I know i sound weird.)


  1. Replies
    1. What do you mean? Like, move it next door? Or change it?

    2. O.O Maybe he meant "love" XDDD

      I'm going to spend ALL DAY on this blog waiting for the 200,000 views... X3

  2. Just wanted to say, the new layout is awesome! Its just so creative and cool! I love the new font and how the colors match so well! And I like the new font and how easy it is to read this blog now. And I like how it so naturey and how it makes me sooo happy to look at it.
    Great job!

  3. O.O you're editing the blog as I look at it! XD
    Nuuuu I liked the commenting thing how it was before >.<

    In reply to what I said earlier ^, I don't think I'll spend all day on this blog, on second thoughts D:
    1. There's still about 2,200 views to go.
    2. I've got better things to do. (LOL! jk jk!! you're blog is amazing!!)

    1. Don´t worry, I was just randomly experimenting, it is now back to normal.

  4. Yay second comment and erm cause the ask us page is full you have to ANSWER this QUESTION


    1. Hum... What is the question? You didn´t mention it there.

  5. Oh erm tell me how to do overall views or i will hack you

    1. Hack me if you want. The secret of how to make overall den views belongs to Kinyonga because she invented it. Anyway, why do you only pester ME? I am not the only person who knows.
      And, btw, I know who you are. Rabbitb, right? Well you can´t hack me because you don´t know my password and you can´t kill me because you don´t know were I am right now. Good try but your results will be zero.

    2. I know how too. Apparently, Rabbitb knows that because they emailed me pretending to be Kinyonga, to get me to tell them. Epic fail.

      Get a life.

    3. Epic, epic fail, specially since Kinyonga knows how to do them so she wouldn´t need to ask you.

    4. Sercousily gecko and mister me and kinyonga hate each other a lot on aj one day we kept arguining threw jam a grams so why would i pretend to be her??? and i'm a boy why would i pretend to be a girl serously that is gross so get ya terms right and if anyone it would be it would be my freiend that gave me premision it would be fuzzyshyLvy so erm look it up get your terms right

      And pandaking1st is my buddy and i do help him we litteraly share accounts and with pandaking21285 we are not the same person

  6. That's an awesome idea for a contest!

  7. THank you SOOOOOOO much for putting the penguin on here i love penguins i am so happy i am doing my panda dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. YES. This template is SO much better!!!

  9. Hey Mister(that sounds weird to me) I was looking through someone's trade list and the i saw a tooltip. I never heard of those. but under the name "tooltip", there was a box that said "Ranged attack +20" and "fierce + 20". Do you think we will be able to fight phantoms soon?
    I just posted about it on my blog please visit.
    Link below

  10. Hey mister do you speak Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Galician,basque or english i wanna know thanks~lawman11 ^.^ DERP

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  12. Wow cool I love yellow too! And your blog, and snowyclaws blog, and sheesh4's blog, and animal jam rage,,, etc. add me LilCreativeLeaf


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