Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Lions came to Jamaa

Hiya! So its finally time for a new legend! Enjoy!
The only sound that could be heard was the rustling of the lazy summer wind across the long blades of grass in the savannah. There was an oryx peacefully grazing, not knowing it was surrounded by a group of lions, gazing at it crouched behind the grass.Suddenly a young, strong and healthy female jumped across the air and landed skillfully near the oryx, who, alarmed, try to run away, but the lion took aim, and, with a perfect leap, killed it by biting it acurattely. 
The rest of them helped her carry it to their home, next to a few trees, protected by the precious african shadow. There, there was a male who sat there with great majesty, with his mane drifting with the breeze. He congratulated the hunters for getting such a good prey, and all of the pride came to eat it.
That was more or less how every day was in that pride.
So they kept living their lives, year after year. But one cloudy day of October, diasaster struck.
As añways, the lions were hunting. But all the animals that normally were their prey were hiding. The oryxes, the gazelles and the zebras in particular were the first to notice the phantoms.
In a moist, misty spot, some phantoms who had left their land near the mountains around Jamaa were trying to make their territory bigger, as their king had ordered them. The leader of the small group, a red phantom (all phantoms are black, but some shoot blue rays and some red; the red ones are more powerfull) had a    piece of paper suspended in front of him. Phantoms don´t have hands, they can only use their legs to help them shoot rays and to help them move to the air, but they have a lot of dark magic, so they levitate things instead of holding them. "So?" one of the blue phantoms asked. "What instructions has he given you?" The paper magically  unfolded and the red phantom read out: "Thanks, phantoms, for volunteering to take over this land. it is mabey a bit too hot for us, but as we are reproducing we need space. The phantoms from the other group of conquerers did extreamly well taking over that icy land with the hairy wolves, and I except the same of you. If you do well, you will be rewarded with a piece of land and I will probably ascend you all to a higher charge in our society. So do well. Sighned: King of the Phantoms."
The phantoms, excited and impaicent to be rewarded, flew over the land, a savannah similar to Appondale but much further away from Jamaa than it. The leader started giving instructions. "Okay, so to conquer a land you basically just have to make those animals run away. That will be easy with a little battle and a few spells."
After saying this, he shut his eye and started invocing a storm, the perfect conditions for phantoms because of the confusion that they cause and the great amount of electricity that is in the air. The sky went coal black and lightnings corrupted the sky, while all the animals, panicing, ran away to hide in the seccurity of their dens.
But the lions stood there. The male lions were worried becaue they aren´t very good hunters, but the group of females stood there, looking at the sky. The phantoms started shooting rays, but they were amazed of how easily the lions dodged them, hopping, crouching and rolling over.
One of the blue phantoms, the bravest, or maybe the craziest, dived across the air to fight closely, but one of the lions simply hoped, opened her mouth and with a crunch and a puff of smoke, the phantom was dead.
After seeing how talented these animals were at fighting, the phantoms went away. Then the pride got together for a chat.
"You must leave" a female said to the males. "No offence, but only we are strong enough to defeat those creatures. So, sorry if I sound mean, but you must leave this land and find somewere else to live, for your own seccurity." 
So the next day, the sad moment of saying goodbye came. The males went away on their journey, after making sure the females would look after the land.
After many moons, the group of male lions reached Jamaa. They found  peck, who was painting a picture of Sarepia forest. 
So, after a few talks with Mira and the other alphas, everyone decided that lions could live in Jamaa.

So that explains how lions came to Jamaa, and also why they arent female lions, although I think they might be a few disguiesed as tigers :D.


  1. hey misterchunkybuddy your awesome and you do a lot of cool stuff!!! i saw your den.... its cool with all the betas and rares in it!!! i love it! from windy1244

  2. So incredible you are awesome plus this is my first time on your blog you rock this is lileon613 friend me you rock!!! :)

  3. it would be really cool if the females came to jamaa too! :D that would be great!

    1. ya but its really eazy to do it with a tiger to but thats a great idea

  4. ok lileon613 here and my beastie's user is lulue789 please send awesome stuff ( just thought I might add I think I sound loony ) and hi

  5. pardon beastie was meant to be bestie yes it is still lileon613

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  7. Dude, did you write that? Completely awesome...

    When I can, I always love to write stories.

  8. your legends r awesome!btw can u make a legend about kangaroos next?

  9. Great story read alot of them this is my first time on your site and it is great.Also i love your tail! My user is maybell434! LOVE THIS SITE

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  14. omg u r so right its a really cool animal u rock and u r so so so funny!

  15. i have some ideas snow lepers, cheethas,kangoerroos all animals i love your great strotys i am old 11 not to good aty spelling :( :) i am animal jammer

  16. I do think some tigers are female lions! (I have a tiger with no stripes called: Princess Thelion) :D

  17. I wrote an AnimalJam legend of my own. A while ago, I had a dream that the cheetah Alpha's name is Savannah. And here's the legend for people to enjoy!

    The Story:
    It all started when a cheetah cub was born, this cub was different to other cheetahs,
    she had leopard-like spots. As the years went on, Savannah grew older. One day she
    decided to get an outfit. She bought a necklace, leaf leg armor and tail armor. After a
    few moons, She decided to start traveling. She saw loads of things and places. One
    day she saw a pride of lions, but there where no male lions in the pride. "Hello, I've
    never seen a pride of lions without any males before." Savannah said to the pride.
    "Some dark mysterious creatures drove the males away, us females are the only ones
    who are swift enough to defend the pride lands." The lead lion ansered. So Savannah
    decided to stay with the lions to try and see these mysterious creatures. After a while,
    the lions welcomed Savannah into their pride. And Savannah became an honorary lion.
    After a few moons, she was even made deputy of the pride, Before then there was no
    deputy. But just after she was announced deputy, the sky went black and Savannah
    heard one of her pride mates yell "The Phantoms are back!" Savannah knew that
    Phantoms must be the dark mysterious creatures she had heard of all those moons
    ago. The pride lions started twisting and turning avoiding the lightning bolts shot by
    the Phantoms, and jumped at the phantoms pinning them to the ground. Savannah saw
    the Phantoms seemed to be led by a red Phantom. Savannah used her lightning fast
    speed, ran up to the red Phantom, and pinned him to the ground. "Are you going to
    surrender or do I have to make you?" She asked the Phantom. "Never! You paphetic
    cheetah! You're not even a lion!" The Phantom ansered. Savannah roared in anger and
    tossed the Phantom away. "This won't be the last time, cheetah!" The Phantom
    growled. "Retreat, Phantoms!" The Phantom mumbled to the other Phantoms. Then all
    the Phantoms left the pride lands. The red Phantom stared at Savannah for a while,
    though. "This won't be the last time." He whispered, then flew away. "We couldn't
    have done it without you, Savannah." The lead lion said to Savannah. "No problem."
    Savannah ansered. So the lions and Savannah celebrated their victory. Then, a blue-
    grey heron flew down. "I am Mira," The heron said. "I watched you defeat those
    Phantoms, you are a good fighter, Savannah." She said. How did she know my name?
    Savannah wondered, but she didn't say it. "I have recently brought cheetahs to a land
    called Jamaa, but they have no Alpha leader. Would you like to be their Alpha?" Mira
    asked. "I would be honored." Savannah replied. So she said goodbye to her lion pride,
    and went with Mira to Jamaa. When she got there, she met the other Alphas, talked to
    some jammers about her adventures, and got her own den. "I live here now, this is my
    home." She whispered to herself. So, that's my legend. Hope you enjoyed it!

    1. By the way, That was all in my dream.

    2. Hey, should it be ok if I use this story for my blog kitty-kins.blogspot.com? It whould take a while but I think people whould like it. I whould really like it if you let me use it for my blog.

    3. Sure! I hope people like it. :)

  18. well my user is norabird :D

  19. hey mister! im thunderwolf8 and i have a blog of my own kitty-kins.blogspot.com i whould like it if you check it out, i have loads of stories im gonna post soon. but first i gotta finish the one im doing right now '' the missing alpha ''. also chould you please do a story about how snow leopords came to jamma? i love the other 2 and i was hoping you whould make one about the leopords.
    like i said this is thunderwolf8

  20. You know what's really weird? My friend bought a lion from the diamond shop. She wanted it to be a girl so she put eyelashes on it with a blue body, purple mane and a maze-y red pattern, and like, pink purses and stuff on her body. But then she realized that only MALE lions have manes so she freaked out.

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  22. How do I post my own story on here?

  23. i need a god damn membership the fuck now bitches


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