Friday, April 12, 2013


Hiya viewers! This is today´s item:
Perfect for having a bath, but such a pity it is for members only. AJHQ should really make more non member items. Well, Ainoa18 told me he likes the item´s colors/shapes as GIFs better than as just all of them put together, so there you go:
Now I am going to work on a post all about den ideas, particullary for non-members. Sounds good? :D


  1. Mister Chunkybuddy, do you know the 2nd birthday cake githes?
    Step 1:Click the 4th icing thingy that is on the last row of your cake.
    Step 2: Your cake will shrink.
    Step 3: Then wait a few seconds and it will get big again.
    Step 4: Do it all over again if you like it!

    1. Oh ya 1 more thing. (I commented the first comment) My username is aevan10 if you need help.
      (like Mister Chunkybuddy says)
      Jam on!


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