Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update, and a cool one!

Hi! I just love today´s update, it is epic! First, the Journal:
WOW! In real life I am an awfull photographer, and anyway about a year ago I dropped my camera in a fountain while taking a photo of it XD. This is the first photo I have taken with the photo booth:
Koalas don´t half look wacky in there! Ha ha, all the other animals look awesome. 
Definetly, I prefer the pirate hat.
Yes, koalas are exploring with Cosmo. How are you going to wish them luck? Personally I built a monument to wish them good luck on their journey.
I like it :D I hope it brings them luck so they can discover a new land!
This is the contest winner:
Haha, that is funny. 
I like those plush animals, but I can´t buy one because its really expensive to send one form USA to Spain.
And the new item is:
They remind me to the Sunflower lamp that was sold last summer. Its colors (more like shapes) are:
What do you think about me putting the colors/shapes of items as GIFs instead of just putting them all together in paint? I personally think its better as a gif because it takes less space and makes it more dificullt if someone tries to steal the colors. (I hope that isn´t happening, but you never know)
So, have a jamtastic day and if you have time, comment telling me wether you think its better to put the colors as an image with all of them or as a GIF.


  1. I agree its like £7 alone to ship the stuff to the uk at least gift cards are coming to the uk soon! And yesterday I was giving my kala a make over and nothing NOTHING looked right!

    1. 7 to the UK? You are lucky to Spain its 13€

    2. 7£ is pretty much the same as 13€ ^.^

      By the way, Chunky, how did you make that GIF?!
      It doesn't say screencast-o-matic or anything...?
      TELL ME! >:D

    3. lol

    4. I have 2 epic plushies left. I traded most of them for rare bows. Many people are saying they are worth they are worth rare bows, but others are saying they are worth nonmember swords or wings. What do you think? Anyone, I will take a vote. Or, you can send me a Jam-A-Gram on your opinion, I am dying to know!

  2. Hey Mister Chunkybuddy. Love ur blog!!!
    I live in the uk and I'm not allowed get the plush either. :( they are so cute!!! I love the bunny one.
    Just to let you know the clearance items have changed and you might need to update ur page.

  3. hey peeps if my den is epic please go to my den and send me a jam a gram i want to know if my den is epic so thanks~ lawman11 ^.^ DERP

  4. hello misterchunkybuddy i know i have been commenting a lot... but i just love your blog a lot!!!!!! and your always cool! from windy1244 can you buddy me?????

  5. my user is ericil7

  6. Umm, not trying to be rude, but you might want to change a word. Instead of 'from' you wrote 'form'. I don't know if thats how they do it in Spain cuz i live in the US so... well just letting you know



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